7 Countries That Pay You To Live in Them

Many people have the dream and the desire to live abroad. The reasons that motivate people are the most diverse. Some go to study, work and try a new life. Others move only because of the experience of living a new culture and customs. Whatever the cause, if the person has that dream, the important thing is to try to follow it.

However, money, or the lack of it in this case, can be a determining factor for realizing, or not, the dream of going beyond our fountains. What many people may not know is that there are several countries that pay people to live there.

Some of them do this as a way to increase their population and others see it as a way to improve trade. The fact is that these offers are quite tempting. Even more so if going abroad was already a part of your plans. Here we show some of those countries that pay you to live there.

1 – Germany

Good news for those who live in Latin America. Some schools in Germany offer scholarships for undergraduate, master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in various cities in the country.

And as much as the country has a relatively high cost of living, the wages earned in the country are good. In addition to the quality of life in Germany being very good.

2 – Sweden

Sweden can be the destination for those who are looking to start a master’s degree. Especially because the Swedish Scholarship Institute for Global Professionals (SISGP) offers scholarships to foreign students.

If you were interested, to obtain this scholarship you must prove a minimum of three thousand hours of work, internship or volunteering in the area in which the person works.

The country has one of the best quality of life. And all its residents have free health care and higher education. In addition, Sweden ranks 11th in the ranking of the highest per capita income in the world.

3 – Italy

In the country, the municipality of Ollolai is a historic village. It is the former capital of the province of Barbagia and was the scene of disputes between the Barbarian and Roman peoples.

And at the end of 2017, the city government of that city started a campaign to sell hundreds of abandoned houses in the area for just one euro, which is about seven reais. This program continues today.

4 – United States

Since the 1970s, Alaska has offered money to anyone living in the city. The cold of the place, which can reach 50ยบ negative, is not very attractive. But the average $ 1,200 a year you get to live there can make some people rethink.

And if you were interested, you can register for the program through the state’s website.

5 – Japan

Miyakejima Island is 180 kilometers from Tokyo. And it has the highest concentration of sulfuric gas in the world. As a result, all residents of the place have to live with an oxygen mask.

Because of this, the Japanese government decided to pay for people who want to live on the island and be part of a study to investigate the effects of sulfuric gas on the human body.

6 – New Zealand

Some places in the world may not actually pay for people to move there. But they can make some attractions that are almost impossible to resist.

As is the case in the city of Clutha. She launched a recruitment campaign to attract families. They made a parcel of land and houses that cost $ 165,000. In addition to being estimated that the city has more than a thousand job vacancies in the most varied areas.

7 – Thailand

The country’s programs are mainly aimed at education professionals in Europe and the United States. However, they are not exclusive. The goal is to attract English teachers who teach the language in the country.

In addition, the country facilitates the housing of teachers. And some programs include flight discounts so that a person can travel around the country after it is already installed.