7 Disgusting Foods That People Incredibly Eat

What’s the most disgusting food you’ve ever eaten? I bet it doesn’t even come close to those disgusting foods that people incredibly eat.

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So be prepared, for many, you need to have a strong stomach to face this list. However, I also imagine that, for others, this will be one of those appetizing texts.

First, we must also remember that this is a list designed for people in the Western. Therefore, much of what is disgusting and strange food for us, ends up being food that comes from different cultures, mostly Eastern. In any case, we are also judging the book by its cover. So, if you ever have the opportunity, why not try one of these foods?

1 – Snake blood

Image by Kathrin from Pixabay

Here, we have one more medication and less food. However, it is so disgusting that it deserves to be at the top of the list. Thus, the head of a snake is cut and the blood is drained into a glass. Along with bile, the snake’s blood works as a treatment for respiratory diseases, skin problems, pain and indigestion. In addition to also improving endurance and male sex life.

2 – Duck Fetus

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Better known as Balut, the food is basically a duck egg fertilized with the embryo and boiled in the shell itself. In Asia and especially in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, this dish is a true delicacy.

3 – Bee larvae

Image Source – Gothamist

Consumed in China and Japan, hachinoko is a dish made from bee larvae. Thus, traditionally, the larvae are cooked in soy sauce and sugar. With that, they get a crunchy texture and a slightly sweet taste.

4 – Monkey brains

Image Source – Wallpaper Access

Although there are many urban legends involving the dish, many of them are lies. However, it is true that there is a high risk of contracting certain diseases when consuming the dish. Therefore, for preparation, everything must be done correctly. First, the hair is shaved. Then a circle is made on the head and the monkey’s skull is removed. After that, the brain can be eaten raw.

5 – Bird spit

Image Source – The Culture Trip

In China, cave swift nests are major producers of a chemical compound that hardens in the air. Once harvested and prepared, the food is served as soup or jam. Thus, its texture is gelatinous and may resemble pudding.

6 – Ox penis

Image Source – The Mirror

You don’t have to go very far to find an ox penis for grooming. However, it is not so common to find food preparation on the western side of the planet. Most of the time, the ox penis ends up being sold as a snack for dogs. Thus, for those interested in preparation, we recommend steaming, frying or even the consumption of raw food.

7 – Cooked rats

Image Source – Darlington & Stockton Times

In many parts of the world, rat meat is an extremely common food. However, it is worth remembering that in these places, field rats are consumed and not city rats. For those who have already tasted the delicacy, he says that the animal’s meat is hard and sticky. Also, it also reminds you of the taste of chicken, how about that?

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