7 Fantastic Creatures That Really Existed

Some myths started to exist because of people who added stories. The kraken, for example, could be just a giant squid, but because people add to the story, the legends started to be real for many people.

Dragons are also no different, the origin of this myth may have started when someone found a skeleton of a giant lizard, and people thought they were real dragons.

With that in mind, we decided to write this story with some creatures that actually existed, but that their stories may have been lengthened. So, dear readers, check out our story now with the 7 fantastic creatures that really existed:

1 – Kraken

Giant squids can still exist today, and in fact, both scientists and sailors have already encountered some of these giant squids. In 2015, a 3.7 meter long squid was found and registered in Japan. According to scientists, this squid was just a baby, as it could reach 25 meters in length. So, these stories we hear about a giant squid frightening sailors may be true.

2 – Imugi (dragon of the ocean)

There are some legends of the Imugi, which some prefer to call dragons, as the Koreans believed that large pinons were young dragons. According to legend, they lived in water or in caves and had to live a thousand years on Earth to later become flying dragons and go to heaven. Although it existed in South America and not in Korea, this snake did exist. Titanoboa pynthon could reach up to 14 meters in length and weighed more than 1 ton. The snake was so big that it was easy to believe that it could become a dragon. This species was extinct a long time ago, but some people prefer to believe that they have become dragons.

3 – Megalodon

The largest shark in the world, known as magalodon, swam through the depths of the oceans some 28 million years ago. These sharks were the real kings of the underwater kingdom, reaching 16 meters in length and weighing about 47 tons. According to scientific versions based on the remains found, these marine predators could have lived until the appearance of humans.

4 – Moby-Dick

The famous “Moby-Dick” story was based on a giant white sperm whale. This car attacked whalers and killed them. In 1819, a whaling crew hunted for about a year and a half, until a giant white whale ended its adventures. In 1839, an article was published in a magazine saying that a giant whale was reportedly killed off the coast of Chile, near Mocha Island, and was called Mocha Dick.

In addition to this example, experts found a well-preserved sperm whale skull in Peru, ranging in length from 12 to 17 meters. The whale was Melvillei Leviathan’s nickname.

5 – Hobbits

The term “Hobbit” may have even been coined by Tolkien, but there is evidence that these people existed. During archaeological excavations carried out in 2003, on Flores Island, Indonesia, archaeologists found a human skeleton one meter high and head three times smaller than that of a normal human being. Then they found the remains of nine other young people, and the age of the youngest skeleton was 12,000 years old. Some scientists concluded that this was a different species of humans, and named them “Homo Floresienis”, but most of them were called “Hobbits”.

6 – Dragons

Dragons are perhaps the most famous creatures on that list. What if we told you that there really were animals that could be called dragons? Well, Megalania, for example, is the largest known lizard. They could reach 9 meters in length and weigh up to 2,200 kg, and still spit poison. Megalanies existed in the Pleistocene, and with the remains scattered around the world, it may be that the myth of dragons was created there.

But even so, dragons still exist today, and are called Komodo dragons, live in Indonesia and can grow up to 3 meters in length. Of course they don’t fly or spit fire, but they are still an incredible animal.

7 – Giant wolves

In Game of Thrones there are giant wolves, and in real life these wolves may have been known as “terrible wolves”. They lived in the time of the Pleistocene megafauna, across North and South America, where archaeologists found fossils. Giant wolves were much larger and stronger than ordinary wolves, reaching up to 1.5 meters in length and weighing up to 70 kilograms.

So, dear readers, did you already know that all these creatures really existed?