7 Most Anticipated Space Missions of 2021

People are fascinated with space and the things in it. Thanks to the launch of a Space Station, humans began to understand more about space. This location is helping us to understand how we can live in space. And the most incredible thing to think about is that, not too long ago, this idea was nothing more than pure science fiction.

The amount of information and knowledge that we can obtain in space is simply unimaginable. And since the beginning of the space race, technological and research advances have not stopped.

Last year was a very challenging year for science in the search for the coronavirus vaccine. And even with the focus of most of the world being this, some aerospace research has managed to continue its course and make several advances. Therefore, the missions that will be launched this year will be very important to determine what will be the next steps for the exploration of the universe. We show you what they are.

1 – SpaceX on Mars

Elon Musk has already made it clear that he intends to colonize space. And in its space-domination endeavor, your company plans to send yet another prototype of the Starship rocket to Mars earlier this year.

On its last launch, the rocket exploded when it landed back on Earth. Which made the mission not a complete success.

2 – Perseverance and Hope Mars

The two rovers, from NASA and the United Arab Emirates respectively, plan to land on Mars. NASA’s Perseverance is scheduled to land on February 18. And the goal is for him to look for evidence of microbial life on the Red Planet. In addition to collecting geological material for research.

The Hope Mars, from the United Arab Emirates, is expected to land in the first quarter of the year. And when he is in orbit with the planet, he should start research on the spot.

3 – CST-100 Starliner

This is a conical spacecraft that will be responsible for taking astronauts to the International Space Station. It is still in its testing phases. But the plan is for it to be launched into space on March 29. In this launch, the spacecraft will make a test flight in Earth orbit. And the manned voyage is expected to take place by the end of 2021.

4 – Long March 5

This rocket from China has already been launched. And it is forecast that it will reach Mars in late April or early March. The mission called “Tianwen-1” aims to take a landing module and a rover to be able to orbit and explore the Red Planet.

5 – Falcon 9

This NASA mission in partnership with SpaceX will send a Falcon 9 rocket to the asteroid duo called Didymos. The goal is for the rocket to reach the smaller asteroid to try to change its route.

With that, the researchers want to see possible ways to avoid catastrophic and eventual situations that may happen to our planet. The rocket is due to launch on July 22.

6 – Lucy Mission

This NASA mission aims to target eight asteroids in 10 years. Her first release is set to take place on October 16th. And the first target of the mission is Trojans, a set of celestial bodies

7 – James Webb

The James Webb telescope was more than a decade late in launching. However, now NASA intends to finally launch it. This telescope should research the formation of the first galaxies and stars. NASA describes it as “the most complex observatory in the world”.