7 Right Predictions Made by “Back to the Future 2”

The “Back to the Future” film series is a great science fiction classic. In “Back to the Future II” Emmett with DeLorean takes the protagonist Martin McFly into the future, in the year 2015. In the proposed future, many things were agreed and others are far from our reality.

Hughes News Today shows you the correct predictions for the 1989 film.

End of the Laserdiscs and decay of the CD

Image Source – Meio Bit

In the film, LD’s and CD’s are old-fashioned things, not unlike today. Laserdisc was the first optical disc for audio and video storage available to the public. The technology was demonstrated in 1972 on a prototype by MCA and Philips and was available on the market from December 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States as MCA DiscoVision.

Voice Commands

Image Source – Insider

Computers and other technological devices used voice commands, as well as in our 2015.

Giant flat-screen TVs

Image Source – Fatos Desconhecidos

A large flat screen monitor is shown on the film. At the time the TVs were made of tube and did not reach the size of the current models.

Video call as a phone replacement

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Today you can use video calls through thousands of available apps and without paying anything.

Motion controls for video games

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The film predicted the use of controls that use body movements to play.

Keyless Doors

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Today there are doors that do not need keys to open them. A simple fingerprint is sufficient.


Image Source – Fatos Desconhecidos

Back to the future II imagined the use of portable computers that would fit in the palm of our hand.