7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Queen’s Wardrobe

You have probably heard of the British Royal Family. This is the name of the family that governs the United Kingdom, consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The government, in fact, is divided between them and the English parliament.

The Royal Family is made up of close relatives of the UK monarch. The members then belong, either by birth or marriage, to the House of Windsor, since 1917. That year was when Jorge V changed the name of the then Saxe-Coburgo-Gota house. Today, the highest position is that of Elizabeth II, the queen of the United Kingdom.

Throughout Queen Elizabeth’s reign, she has gone through many things and even styles. Today, as the biggest name in the UK, Elizabeth is an example of diversity. Over the course of her life, she had to adapt to the ages, the moments and her responsibility as leader of one of the largest and most important unions in the world. With that, the queen changed her entire wardrobe. What we see today, as peculiar, was a totally different day. And it was thinking about it, that we decided to bring this matter. Check with us more details about the monarch and her old way of dressing.

The queen’s wardrobes, however, hide several secrets. And it was thinking a little about the subject, that we decided to bring this article to you, dear reader. The Facts searched and listed some secrets that the queen’s wardrobe hides. Check with us below and share with your friends now.

Queen’s Wardrobe Secrets

1 – Wear versatile dresses to change your look several times on the same day

Queen Elizabeth is a public figure, so she needs to change clothes several times in the same day. For this reason, her dresses have big zippers, so she can get them underneath and keep her hair intact, throughout her daily journey.

2 – Umbrellas also play a role

You may have noticed the Queen’s various hats, right? Like these accessories, umbrellas must also not hide the queen’s face. That is why they are always transparent and still have a cable that matches the clothes being used at the time.

3 – Repeat the looks

People like us, the Queen doesn’t wear new clothes every day. However, the moments when she repeats her clothes are carefully chosen and distributed, throughout the year.

4 – Length of the premeditated skirt

The queen has her favorite sizes according to the hour. During the day, for example, she prefers dresses that catch below the knee. Meanwhile, at night, she prefers long ones.

5 – Nothing overshadows your style

When it comes to choosing the queen’s clothes, those responsible do not just think of her, but of the whole environment where she will appear. The idea is that, due to the chosen tones, the queen’s clothes are quite prominent.

6 – Costume suitable for children

When visiting a school or place where there will be many children, the queen usually wears hats with feathers or flowers, thus drawing the attention of the little ones.

7 – Brightly colored outfits have an explanation

On occasions where the queen visits a nursing home or hospital, she wears brightly colored outfits. It does this so that people with vision problems or difficulties can easily recognize it.

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