8 Amazing True Stories Of Animals Saving Humans From Death

Read eight Incredible true stories of animals saving humans from death, these amazing animals are more human than you realize.

In general, people tend to like and sympathize with animals. This is because we can see that pets have personality and even their own way of interpreting feelings. Some people tend to have more affinity for certain animals and less for others, which goes from person to person.

But even animals that we are not that close can for some still incomprehensible reason have very useful and noble attitudes, for example saving people lives.

We’ve come up with a list of 8 amazing stories of animals saving humans, whether people that they know, or even strangers that they have never met before.

After reading this article, you will feel a little safer next to your pet, because you will realize that they are much smarter, purer and more protective than you could imagine.

True Stories Of Animals Saving Humans From Death

1- Lion saves girl from kidnappers

When you’re in trouble, the last thing you can imagine is that a lions could safe your life. But that’s exactly what happened to a 12 year old Kenyan girl. She had been kidnapped for a week by some men who wanted to force her to marry one of them, but suddenly 3 lions appeared and surrounded the girl, the criminals fled as fast as they could.

And 12 hours later the police arrived, only then did the lions actually leave. Some experts claim that what drove this attitude in the lions was the girl’s cry, because lions can’t see a puppy crying. Cuddly no?

2- Gorilla saves 3-year-old boy

What happened this time was that a 3-year-old boy happened to fall into the gorilla cell in Chicago zoo. These animals are known to be quite territorial and can be very aggressive to invaders.

The boy fell unconscious after the fall wounded himself badly and the one who gave him “first aid” was nothing more and nothing less than one of the Gorillas, who not only tried to revive the boy, but also led him to the paramedics who were prevented from entering the cell so as not to make matters worse.

3- Piggy saves its owner from heart attack

This little pig had never left his playpen, but when he realized that his owner was suffering a heartbeat, he just managed (we don’t know how) to get out of that place, run to the nearest highway and was for 45 minutes trying to stop all the cars that there they passed.

Until finally a man realized that the pig was wanting something, because it was very agitated and from time to time returned to the house to check on his owner to see if she was well, in one of these trips the man decided to follow him and them call an ambulance. Great!

4- Woman was saved from cow attack thanks to a horse

It may seem very strange, but every year more people die from cow attacks than from shark attacks. What happened this time is that a Scottish rancher named Fiona Boyd heard many screams that seemed to come from a calf, after arriving at the location of the mother cow that was not having a good day, went on attacking her, several times, until she fell to the ground, and to make matters worse the cow tried to roll over her.

Until her mare named Kerry heard the screams of the owner, and ran to the place. There the mare defended her by giving several kicks to the kitty in question, giving Fiona time to crawl and protect herself behind an electric fence. What a madness!

5- Bunny saves his owner from diabetic coma

But how did it happen anyway? A man named Simon Steggall, who lives in England, fell into a diabetic coma, which can be lethal. His wife Victoria was present at the time, but imagined that her husband had just fallen asleep.

But it was Dory the couple’s bunny who realized that something very wrong was happening with Simon. She promptly climbed on top of her knot and started flapping her paws, licking his mouth and literally making a big fuze. Just then his wife realized something was really wrong and called the paramedics.

6- Kitten saves family from fire

Dianne Busscher was awakened by the screams and meows of her kitten in the garage. The cat made such a fuss that the woman came down to see if the pet was all right. Arriving there she repaired the smoke and fire, picked up her cat, and returned home to wake the other family members. Thanks to the cat, no one was hurt, and the kitten that was not dear to all members is now very much loved.

7- Dolphin saves drowning boy

When he was only 14 years old, an Italian boy named Davide Ceci, who could not swim, eventually fell off a boat. And bad luck no one else noticed. It was then that a very smart dolphin started to push the boy out of the water, while trying to alert other people on the boat what was happening. He brought Davide (who was almost unconscious) so close to his father that it was impossible not to notice them. How lucky to have this animal around!

8- Pitbull saves woman and child from attack

In 2008, a woman leaving a playground with her son, when entering the parking lot, she came across a man with a knife in his hand, who asked them not to make noise. It was then that surprisingly a great Pit Bull appeared and chased of the man, and then the animal went away. No one knows who the dog belonged to. But that was an amazing attitude.

Do you know any other stories of animals saving humans? Were you surprised by any of these cases? Leave your comment below and if you found these stories of animals saving humans interesting share them with your friends.