8 Signs On The Tongue That Shows a Lot About Your Health

Since we were little we know that we can’t go around showing the tongue around, since this is a very rude act. Only that is only true outside the home. At home, we should pay close attention to that part of the body, as it can show many signs of how our health is doing.

Because it is a sensitive region, our tongue can quickly demonstrate any imbalance that occurs. See how your health is doing:

1. A healthy language should look like this

Image Source – Noble Dental care

The size of the papillae does not matter, but it must be pink and clean. The doctors’ recommendation is to clean the boa for two minutes, at least twice a day, including brushing the tongue and teeth

2. Some white dots may appear or the tongue may turn white

Image Source – Schumacher Dental

This is called a Tongue coating, a mass of dead cells, bacteria, mucus and food debris. This condition is one of the main causes of bad breath, but in most cases, it is enough to improve hygiene.

But if it is persistent or causes pain, better see a doctor, as it may mean oral candidiasis or even some sign of cancer.

3. There is also the geographical Tongue

Image Source – Imgur

It is a tongue with reddish and smooth spots on the tongue. It is not a disease, nor is it associated with any infection, it is simply a characteristic of the Tongue. In some cases, it can feel burning, but just don’t eat anything hot, salty, spicy or acid.

4. Swollen or very red tongue

Image Source – Clinicas Medicas

It may have been a bruise made by something hot or very spicy. But if this has not happened, it may indicate a lack of vitamins (folic acid or vitamin B-12).

A pain or burning sensation is common in the post-menopausal period, which requires a softer toothpaste.

5. Wounds or injuries

Irregular lumps, ulcers and sores for more than 6 weeks are even worrisome. Are signs of infections, inflammations or even cancer.

6. The tongue can be brown and hairy!

Image Source – CNN

It may seem very alarming, but it is not what it seems. It is just a symptom of a severe lack of hygiene. It is also more common in people who drink a lot of coffee and tea, or who take medicines with bismuth.

But you must be asking yourself, “how so? Does it hair grow on the tongue? ”. In fact, the papillae increase in size and look like hair

7. Ripples

Image Source – Pinterest

Undulations on the side of the tongue also deserve attention. This happens because the tongue is swollen and starts to get teeth marks. The problem is to discover the reason for the swelling, which can be dehydration, allergies, TMJ, and deficiency of spleen qi.

8. Cracks

Image Source – Medscape

It does not present any harm either. It is just a feature of the tongue. The important thing is to do a good hygiene of the tongue so that food scraps do not accumulate in these cracks

Did you see the importance of observing and knowing your tongue? Anything different can already be treated from the start, or things that seem serious are just natural features. Best of all, we know how good tongue hygiene frees us from a lot, including embarrassing ourselves with bad breath.

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