8 Totally Cool Hand Tattoos For Men And Women

Discover some of the most awesome custom tattoos for your hands that will leave you in shock when you see them. Would you love to have one of these?

Map Tattoo

Image Source – BMS

This custom tattoo shows everybody that you have the whole world in your hands, how cool is that.

Hidden Robot Hand Tattoo

Image Source – Pinterest

This awesome tattoo could help try to convince others that you are really a terminator sent back from the future.

Skull Hand Tattoo

Image Source – Pinterest

This tattoo might not seem so cool at first but once you press your hand against your face it can make you look damn creepy and awesome.

Custom Bones Tattoo

Image Source – Pinterest

Why not freak people out by showing them what the bones beneath you skin really looks like.

Popeye Tattoo

Image Source – Cartoonbrew

We love this one, truly imaginative and awesome.

Religious Bracelet Tattoo

Image Source – Askideas

Stunning Pocket Watch Tattoo

Image Source – Askideas

You will never loose the time with this tattoo on your wrist.

Face Tattoo

Image Source – Askideas

This tattoo would be cool if you wanted to take a nap but needed to look like you are paying attention.

Bonus Tattoo Facts

Did you know there are more women getting tattoos nowadays than there are men?

People in America spend an estimated $1.65 billion on tattoos every year.

There are currently over 20,000 tattoo parlors in America and the popularity is continuing to grow so fast that there is a new tattoo parlor opening up somewhere every single day.

Gregory Paul McLaren is the only known person to have completely covered his body in tattoos including the inside of his, mouth, ears and manly area.

The most popular place for people to have tattoos is the lower back and wrist.

Many women use tattoos to hide their cesarean scars.

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