Bizarre Superstitions Around The World

You have certainly heard about some curious superstitions. These are beliefs, which are usually associated with the assumption that some supernatural force can act, causing bad luck.

These beliefs, are not based on reason or knowledge, are known as superstition and in some parts of the world there are curious and quite unusual superstitions for outsiders.

Who has never heard that passing in front of a black cat or under a ladder is bad luck? These are quite common, but in some countries around the world superstitions are quite curious.

1. China – The problem is number 4 …

The number 4 and its other endings (14, 24, 34 etc.) are the focus of several superstitions in China, as their pronunciation is similar to the word “death”.

2. Denmark – Trash for luck

Broke a dish in Denmark? So save the pieces for a curious holiday tradition: people play with friends and family on New Year’s Eve to wish you luck. The more shard you have in your garden, the dearer you are!

3. Egypt – Scissors

Handling scissors without cutting anything is a sign of bad luck. And the belief says that leaving an open one is even worse! However, placing such an object under the pillow avoids nightmares.

4. France – Dog poop

Accidentally stepping on a dog poop can be a sign of good luck in the croissant land. But only if you do it with your left foot, of course! If you step on the right, prepare for a very bad danger in your life.

5. Greece – Speaking together

In Greece, this superstition is called “piase kokkino”, which translates as “catch red”. And, if that happens during Easter, even better! This means that you will find several red eggs, which are quite traditional there.

6. Haiti – Poor mothers

Several superstitions can “kill” mothers in Haiti: walking with only one shoe, walking on your knees, sweeping the floor at night and eating the top of a watermelon. What a fate, huh?

7. India – Hygienic beliefs

You cannot cut your nails on Tuesdays, Saturdays and on any night, as you risk losing small objects. You also cannot wash your hair on Thursdays or Saturdays. Historically, hairdressers are free on Thursdays, and Saturday is Saturn’s day, which is highly revered by Hindus.

8. Japan – Watch your navel

During a storm, children must cover their bellies! If they don’t, Raijin, the god of thunder, will appear and steal your belly button. Have you thought about being without him?

9. Korea – Killer fan

A common belief in Korea, especially in the South, is that if you turn on a fan in a closed room while you sleep, you could be killed by the device! The belief is so strong that many fans have a timer so you don’t risk death.

10. Lithuania – Whistle

Never whistle inside the house if you are in Lithuania, as this summons demons that will chase you! Scary!

11. Malaysia – Sit on the pillow

If you have a love for your butt, never sit on a pillow in Malaysia. This is believed to cause your butt to be covered with boils, blisters and wounds.

12. Nigeria – Broom of impotence

Hitting a man with a broom, even without meaning to, will make him helpless or his genitals will disappear! And the only way to combat this curse is to hit the boy seven more times with the same broom.

13. Philippines – Sun and rain

In the Philippines, when there is rain and sun at the same time, they say it is the marriage of the Tikbalang – nothing more, nothing less than the devil’s horses!

14. Qatar – Protective spiders

Nowadays, superstitions are prohibited in the country. However, in the past, spiders were believed to fight domestic fires, so you could never kill them.

15. Rwanda – Goat beard

The women there should never eat goat meat, because that makes them grow beards!

16. United States – Witch window

Particularly in the state of Vermont, there are several houses with diagonal windows, as witches are unable to fly out of crooked windows.

17. Yemen – Gender of baby

For the woman to find out the sex of her son, just throw a dead snake up: if the animal falls “belly” down, it will be a boy; if falls on the stomach, it will be a girl.

Do you know any other strange superstition that we don’t show here? Tell us in the comments below.