Adesso: Check out the 1850 new job openings announced!

Looking for a job with high quality in the services developed, a lot of learning, references and professional experiences? Well then, you have entered the right article, because here you will have access to all the vacancies that Adesso has announced, a company that has all these qualities and much more for you.

Adesso is a company that works with IT (Information Technology) consulting and systems integration, that is, a company focused on high technology and new service implementation.

In addition, it is among the market leaders working in this sector, as among the 25 best companies, it is in the 14th position, it is a great network to consolidate a career.

So, are you interested in the job and want to know the vacancies advertised? So, just keep reading this article, so that you can access all the necessary information about the company.

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Adesso vacancies

Software Developer

IT technician

Planning Analyst

Financial aid

Administrative Analyst

Development Assistant

Description vacancies

Software Developer

  • Its function is to study the areas most in demand by the company and thus return new systems to leverage the brand’s success.

IT technician

  • It takes care of the company’s networks, that is, it works together with a team to implement new servers in the technological areas and pay attention to the services introduced.

Planning Analyst

  • It works with the development sector, creating new ideas for the company, innovating the proposed content and analyzing what generates the most profit.

Financial aid

  • It checks if the services provided are within the standard value and if they are paying off, in order to make the profit margin.

Administrative Analyst

  • Analyzes the company’s development, balancing the work performed, taking care of the bureaucratic part and assisting with accounting.

Development Assistant

  • Its objective is to check if the plans are following the correct steps and if they will have a good end of development, and thus, be successful.

Salary Adesso

  • Software Developer: 1500.00
  • IT Technician: 1550.00
  • Planning Analyst: 1350.00
  • Financial Assistant: 1550.00
  • Administrative Analyst: 1650.00
  • Development Assistant: 1600.00

Vacancy Requirements:

  • Complete high school
  • Time availability
  • Work well as a team
  • Good communication
  • Interest in the technology sector
  • Interest in the IT area
  • Over 19 years old
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Know the basics of computing

Adesso Benefits

  • Transportation vouchers
  • Food voucher
  • Pharmacy assistance
  • Dental plan
  • Medical insurance
  • Family assistance

Selective process

The selection process for the Adesso company works in stages, namely:

First, go to and fill in the application form.

Put all the precise information, so that they know your virtual profile.

After submitting, wait for confirmation of registration.

Confirmation arrives via email registered at the time of application.

Finally, if your interview has been scheduled, have complete confidence in yourself and be dedicated to making the position yours.

Good luck!

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