Amazing Aerial Photography Shots Of Famous Cities At Night

These nine incredible aerial photography shots gives you the opportunity to take a glimpse at major cities from a different perspective.

These breathtaking high-altitude photos are the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet. They are part of his project called AIR. Take a look and see what you think.

1. New York – USA

Did you know it costs around $289,000 for a one-year hot dog stand permit in Central Park?

2. Chicago – USA

Did you know that Chicago has the only river in the world which actually runs backward.

3. Barcelona – Spain

Over eight million tourists visit Barcelona every year making it the third most popular tourist destination in Europe.

4. London – United Kingdom

The Houses of Parliament are also known as the Palace of Westminster and features eight bars, six restaurants, a rifle-shooting range and lots more. Must be fun being a politician in the UK.

5. Miami – USA

Did you know that Miami was named after a tribe of Indians that used to live in the area?

6. Sydney – Australia

The Sydney Opera House is home to a giant pipe organ which features over ten thousand pipes but whats incredible is the fact that every single one of these pipes has been given it`s own name. Can you imagine how long that took to organize?

7. Los Angeles – USA

You maybe surprised to learn that LA was actually named “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula.” Which translates to “The town of our lady queen of the angels on the Porciuncula River.” Thank god they shortened it to Los Angeles, imagine trying to squeeze that in to your home address box.

8. Berlin – Germany

Did you know that Berlin has more bridges than Venice? It is actually possible to tour the entire city by canal boat.

9. New York City – USA

Did you know Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, and Bryant Park all used to be cemeteries? Just Washington Square Park alone has over twenty thousand people buried there. Creepy

To find out more about Vincent and see other art work of his you can visit his official site here.

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