Amazing Dirty Car Window Art By Scott Wade That Proves Dirt Can Be Beautiful

How does this talented artist create such amazing works or art with dirt? Find out here along with many examples of Scott`s stunning dirty car window art works.

The artist Scott Wade must got tired of seeing people writing “Wash Me” on dirty car windows and decided to do something different to get everyone’s attention.

We got some pictures showing a little of his technique and beautiful work. This art is becoming quite popular so if you leave your dirty car parked somewhere it is quite possible that you may come back to find it with a beautiful work of art like these, or perhaps the traditional ‘Please Wash Me’.

Dirty car art was thought up by Scott after spending many years living on a dirt road and having his cars permanently covered in a fine layer of dust. After giving it some deep thought Scott realized that he could take this annoyance and turn into something amazing.

The dust sitting the cars was a great canvas for creating works of art, especially the rear window which tended to have the most dust. His early drawings were all funny faces but eventually he started experimenting with more complicated images and discovered he had an incredible talent.

All his dirty car window art is done by hand. He uses his fingernails for fine lines and the pads of his fingers are used to create shading. Occasionally he does use a stick from a finished a Popsicle.

What do you think of Scott`s car art?

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