Apple: Access 2000 new openings!

Are you looking for a new job? In fact, this is the reality of many people in the world today, isn’t it? Well, the unemployment rate is getting higher and Apple intends to help you in this situation.

Because, the company that works in the electronics area and is recognized around the world, decided to announce new job openings in several areas of knowledge.

In addition, Apple guarantees that it decided to advertise the vacancies with the intention of expanding the group of employees and passing on new learning to those hired.

Do you believe one of the vacancies could be yours? To be sure of this answer, you must first try to apply for one of the vacancies.

However, you might be wondering how to apply, but rest assured, just keep reading this article and you’ll have access to this and much more information about Apple jobs.

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Apple vacancies

Apple is a company that divides its vacancies by sectors, so see the categories in which the vacancies are separated:

  • Age
  • Experience

Follow the vacancies below:

1. Apprentice jobs (14 to 20 years) – 650 jobs

  • Sales Assistant

Helps the seller, assisting in customer service.

  • General Assistant

It tidies up all sectors of the establishment, helping other employees in their duties.

  • Packer

Its function is to pack and seal products purchased online.

  • Stockist

Arranges and organizes the stock, where are the products not yet used by the store.

  • Replenisher

Arrange the products on the shelves and place their respective values.


  • Attending or Completed High School
  • Time availability
  • Agility
  • Desire to learn
  • Work well as a team
  • No experience required

2. Vacancies Medium (18 to 27 years old) – 700 vacancies

  • Seller

Serves consumers who enter the store to make new purchases.

  • Receptionist

It is responsible for the virtual service channels, being telephone and websites.

  • Clerk

Exchanges products and packs those requested for gifts.

  • Customer service

It is responsible for intermediating and resolving customer complaint situations, whether for the product or service.


  • Complete high school
  • Good communication
  • Time availability
  • Work well as a team
  • No experience required.

3. Advanced Jobs (20 to 50 years) – 600 jobs

  • HR Assistant

It organizes the functions of employees and analyzes whether they are performing them correctly.

  • Administrative assistant

It assists the bureaucratic part, in addition to organizing meetings and new projects.

  • Financial analyst

Perform daily sales count, analyze products sold and check profits.

  • Quality Checker

Check all the products in the store, to assess their qualities, in addition to checking and confirming prices.


  • Complete high school
  • Good communication
  • Agility
  • Time availability
  • Attending the 2nd year of Higher Education
  • Experience with Customer Service
  • Accounting experience
  • Know the Basics of Business Management
  • Administrative experience

Apple benefits

Food voucher
Transportation vouchers
Medical insurance
Discount at stores
Life insurance
Family assistance

Apple Selection Process

Follow the steps of the Selection Process below:

  • Enrollment

Fill out the registration on the website, according to all the requested data and requirements.

  • Approval

Wait, after sending your application, for the approval of your profile, which arrives via registered email.

  • Interview

Finally, if you pass, prepare for your face-to-face interview.

Good luck!