Beautiful photos of Foxes playing in the severe cold

Check out our collection of Beautiful Fox Pictures showing these cute little critters playing in the severe cold weather.

While it is easy to feel sorry for these cute creatures at winter they don`t seem to be bothered by the snow because their bushy fur helps them brush off the wintry cold as well as stay camouflaged in forests.

We have added a few facts to these beautiful fox pictures so you may learn more about these wild canines.

While most dogs prefer to roam in packs the fox is a solitary animal that prefers to hunt and sleep alone.

A fox has more in common with cats than it does it`s canine cousins. It has retractable claws like a cat, spines on it`s tongue, is more active during the night and also walks like a cat.

Did you know that these bushy tailed canines can make forty different sounds including screaming.

Despite these wild critters being solitary animals the male fox will bring food to the female while she tends to her pups. Also occasionally female foxes will take on a helpful aunty role and also aid bringing up the pups.

Foxes catch their rodent meals by pouncing on them, a technique also used by cats.

Foxes like to climb trees and have been found to sleep on low branches. Foxes have also been caught sleeping in strange places.

Even though the chances of seeing foxes in groups is low there is actually 2 words for it – skulk or leash.

The male is called a ‘dog fox’ while the female is called a ‘vixen’.

While most dogs only have sweat glands on their paws the fox also has sweat glands on it`s tail.

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