Beautiful Photos Of Foxes Playing In The Severe Cold

Check out our collection of beautiful photos of foxes which shows these cute little critters playing in the severe cold weather.

While it is easy to feel sorry for these cute creatures at winter they don`t seem to be bothered by the snow because their bushy fur helps them brush off the wintry cold as well as stay camouflaged in forests.

We have added a few facts to these Beautiful Photos Of Foxes so you may learn more about these adorable wild canines.

photos of Foxes
Image by MJAAC

While most dogs prefer to roam in packs the fox is a solitary animal that prefers to hunt and sleep alone.

photos of Foxes
Image by Ray Hennessy

The reflection in the water is so perfect it´s like the fox is walking on a mirror.

A fox has more in common with cats than it does it`s canine cousins. It has retractable claws like a cat, spines on it`s tongue, is more active during the night and also walks like a cat.

photos of Foxes
Image by Boredpanda

Can´t tell if this fox is licking his nose or poking his tongue out at us.

Did you know that these bushy tailed canines can make forty different sounds including screaming.

Image by Boredpanda

Despite these wild critters being solitary animals the male fox will bring food to the female while she tends to her pups. Also occasionally female foxes will take on a helpful aunty role and also aid bringing up the pups.

photos of Foxes
Image by Boredpanda

Were did the saying “crafty as a fox” come from? Are these cute creatures really clever and cunning as we are meant to believe?

photos of Foxes
Image by Boredpanda

This poor little fox looks so cold in the snow, I just want take it home and cuddle it.

Foxes like to climb trees and have been found to sleep on low branches. Foxes have also been caught sleeping in strange places.

photos of Foxes
Image by Boredpanda

Even though the chances of seeing foxes in groups is low there is actually 2 words for it – skulk or leash.

photos of Foxes
Image by Boredpanda

The male is called a ‘dog fox’ while the female is called a ‘vixen’.

photos of Foxes
Image by Boredpanda

Foxes catch their rodent meals by pouncing on them, a technique also used by cats.

While most dogs only have sweat glands on their paws the fox also has sweat glands on it`s tail.

photos of Foxes
Image by Boredpanda
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We hope you enjoyed looking through beautiful photos of foxes, some of these were really cute and others funny, especially the one were the fox jumps into the rabbit hole head first. But one thing is for sure that when you see these adorable creatures in the snow you just want to give them a cuddle and warm them up.

With their thick fur coats they are probably quite comfortable in this weather but still to us it looks so damn cold.

If you like animals then you may like to read our article showing funny animal pictures if not then check back to Hughes News Today often to read more entertaing and fun stories about animals. We also have some funny articles coming out very soon so stay tuned.

Fox characteristics

Foxes are animals with characteristics similar to dogs. It is an animal with a pointed snout, a flattened skull, erect and pointed ears and a bushy tail. Its tail is related to balance and also to heating the mammal’s body, being an excellent weapon against the cold.

Foxes can vary in size, but in general, they are between 92 cm and 107 cm and weigh 5 kg. Another characteristic that varies between species is the color of the coat, which, in some foxes, changes throughout the year. Coat density is also an important characteristic, being denser in animals that live in cold places and thinner in animals found in warmer environments.

Fox behavior
Most foxes have solitary habits. They usually stay within a certain area, being territorial. They are able to communicate with each other through vocalizations and also through odors, produced by different scent glands found in different parts of their body, such as the snout and tail. Vocalizations include, for example, sounds to identify individuals and alert other foxes of danger; are also observed during the mating season.

Fox feeding
Foxes are omnivorous animals, that is, they feed on both animal and plant products. They can eat, for example, rodents, hares, fish, birds, eggs, seeds, fruits and carrion. Some also feed on feces.

Fox breeding
Depending on the species studied, we can observe some unique characteristics in relation to reproduction. Some foxes, for example, are monogamous, with couples remaining together for life. In other cases, however, males have multiple reproductive partners.

Generally speaking, a fox’s gestation lasts seven to eight weeks. With each pregnancy, females give birth, on average, from one to 11 young, which are born blind and remain inside underground burrows.

In these burrows, females nurse and care for their young. Males play an important role in capturing and bringing food to the burrows. The cubs, after weaning, learn hunting techniques from their parents, accompanying them on hunts. When they are ready, they start their life independently.

Red fox
The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a species that occurs in different parts of the Northern Hemisphere and can be observed in different habitats, occurring, for example, in tundras, prairies, mountains, deserts and urban areas. It stands out as the largest among the true foxes, presenting a body length, including the head, between 45.5 cm and 90 cm and a tail from 30 cm to 55.5 cm. They can weigh from 3 to 14 kg.

Red foxes have fur on the upper regions of the body that varies in color from red to brown. On the undersides, the hairs are lighter. In the lower region of its legs, the coloration is usually black. At the tip of the tail, the hairs can be black or white.

Their gestation lasts between 51 and 53 days, and litters can consist of one to 13 pups. At birth, red fox pups weigh from 50 g to 150 g. In this species, weaning occurs around eight to 10 weeks of age.

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