Being a “Crazy Cat Lady” is Actually Healthy For You

Here’s some interesting new research in town, apparently, owning cats actually makes you healthier, and definitely NOT a “crazy cat lady”.

How Does Being a Crazy Cat Lady Make You Healthy?

According to the latest research conducted into cats it turns out that owning 1 or more cats can actually have enormous health benefits, read on to find out how.

1. You’ll Have a Healthier Heart

Living with a cute kitten—or 2 or 3 or more—can actually reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Seriously.

According to Psychological Medicine, there’s absolutely no link to owning cats and psychosis later in life —and there’s even more research proving that cats are actually beneficial to several parts of our health.

A study posted in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Nuerology states that: “a decreased risk for death due to MI and all cardiovascular diseases (including stroke) was observed among persons with cats. Acquisition of cats as domestic pets may represent a novel strategy for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases in high-risk individuals.”

Actually, kitties can easily reduce your levels of stress—especially for women above 50 years old—and the comforting rhythmic sound of their purring has healing powers.

The sound has been linked to strengthening your bones and even lessening chances of a heart attack.

Petting a cat also has a positive calming effect. One study found that over a 10-year period that being a crazy cat lady meant you are 30% less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than non-cat owners.

2. They Can Quite Literally Save Your Life.

One cat in the United Kingdom warns her human when he’s about to have an epileptic seizure, while a cat in Montana woke up its two humans when a gas pipe started leaking. Firefighters told the couple that the house could easily have exploded if not for their cat’s intervention.

One cat has even received the highest medal available to military animals. “Simon the cat” was onboard the HMS Amethyst, which was sailing up the Yangtze in 1949 when a shell hit the ship, killing several marines and severely injuring Simon. (The event marked the beginning of the 101-day siege of the ship, which would become known as the Yangtze Incident.)

Simon was fixed up, and despite being injured, performed his ship duty and started catching the rats that were threatening the ship’s food supply, as well as providing moral support for the surviving sailors. Simon died not long after the ship returned to the UK, but he was posthumously awarded the UK’s Dickin Medal, recognized as the animal Victoria Cross, for “behaviour of the highest order, although the blast was capable of making a hole over a foot in diameter in a steel plate.”

So forget about the rumours that cats are arrogant and not caring about their humans, the fact is that they have saved countless lives over the years and could save yours.

3. They’ll Help overcome so many hardships and human Grievance

Losing your beloved feline is incredibly painful, however, acquiring a pet is proved to be some of the most beneficial and helpful things you can do for your self. Despite the fact that they are only animals, cats are some of the most reassuring and caring animals to have during difficult times.

Cats even help people get over their grieves and hardships faster than if not having a pet, and they help you get less anxiety, less psychological negative effects and fewer physical symptoms of pain, like upsetness, nightmares at night, the feeling of being stressed out and frustrated. If people are griefing over a loos then humanising their pet, chatting with it is proved to make them overcome stress and tried much faster than otherwise.

People in mourning simply feels less lonely when having a cat.

Crazy Cat Ladies Sleep Better

Owning any pet is good for your heart. However, cats in particular also lower your stress level and lower the amount of anxiety in your life, which leads to better and more relaxed sleep patterns.

A recent study from the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine indicates that they might be on to something: 41 percent of the people in that study indicated that they slept better because of their pet, while only 20 percent said that it led to disturbances.

Talk about a magical mammal!!!

So go and tell everyone who’s ever put you in the box of being just another “crazy cat lady” to knock it off. In the end, just know that you’ll be the healthiest (and happiest) one in the room. Other than your cat, of course.