Biggest Redwood Lion Sculpture In The World Carved From A Single Tree

This amazing sculpture has now gone on display in China. It is made from one solid redwood tree, made by 20 sculptures working on the project for 3 years!

This magnificent carving was made in Myanmar has has been named the “Oriental Lion”. After being completed it was then transported over 3000 miles to China. Now it sits on its display platform in Wuhan’s Fortune Plaza Times Square. Surrounded by modern buildings it stands as a unique show piece.

The sculpture is huge. Its dimensions are 47.5 feet long, 16.5 feet high, and 13 feet. Many carving have been made with large solid tree trunks in the past but none on this scale. It is the largest of its kind to be found anywhere in the world.

This most incredible carving was made from one solid piece of wood. A giant redwood tree. In traditional Chinese culture the lion is a symbol of strength and power. because this carving is so grand the locals believe it will ward off evil spirits from locals and businesses for a 10 block radius. Local estate agents are using this to their advantage and say the property prices will escalate because of the sculpture.

The carving has become a much loved favorite among local people and tourists alike. Who would not appreciate this spectacular wooden Goliath?

The sculpture is 14.5 meters long, width 3.85 meters and 4.35 meters high, weighing about 39 tons. The sculpture entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest wooden sculpture. Most of the body of the sculpture retains the original texture of the wood, having only its head, paws and cause being smoothed and polished. According to the site of the Chinese newspaper that released the news, the wood used is mahogany from Burma, but the origin of the wood is not clear. If it comes from China, it is most likely metasequoia, a tree considered a living fossil, which grows rapidly and provides good quality timber from the Sichuan region of Hubei province.

Here is the original tree before it was cut down

These giant redwood trees can grow to be over 200 feet tall and can live to be over 1000 years old. this one was probably cut down because of its location and the damage it might cause to local structures. In the wild these trees are under protection as their numbers are in decline. One cut down it would take over 100 years for a sapling to grow to adult size.

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Source: RedDuckPost