Bizarre Figure Spotted In The Clouds During Plane Flight

Passengers on board a commercial plane flight over the United Kingdom spotted a mysterious figure that appeared to be walking in clouds.

It’s pretty obvious nobody can walk in the clouds but the image has caused quite a stir on the internet with people trying to figure out what it actually is. The fact the mysterious figure has a shadow shows it must be something, but what?

The picture was originally posted on the popular social website Reddit and people have gone crazy coming up with their own theories as to what it could be. Many people said it looks like the Iron Giant from Warner Brother`s animated cartoon and some others claimed it was the famous Michelin man.

But one person’s suggestion could be correct. He reckons it’s simply just a couple of tall smoke stacks on the ground and the heat has pushed up the layer of clouds.

Do you have an idea of what this mysterious figure could be?

Bonus Facts About Flying

1. Everybody says how awful the food is on commercial airlines but what many people don’t know is that because of the high altitude and high pressure the body changes and only one third of your taste buds actually work properly. Because of this many airlines have to add a lot of salt to their in flight meals so that you are able to taste the food.

The trays on plane flights can be as dirty as the toilet. They are rarely cleaned and so it is advisable to wash your hands regularly.

Next time you order a coffee or tea on your plane flight remember that the water comes from a water tank in the belly of the plane which doesn’t get cleaned that often. Especially on short flights.

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