Black Ice Cream is The New Hit In California

A California ice cream parlor in the United States has decided to innovate in its flavors and also the colors by creating the “Black Roses” ice cream.

According to the Little Damage Ice Cream Shop, the novelty is dangerously addictive and gets its color naturally with charcoal.

The new creation of the Little Damage Ice Cream Shop is awakening the “dark side” of customers. The union of the almond and the charcoal has caught everyone’s attention on Instagram. For those who like a little color it is possible to decorate the ice cream with confetti, candied fruits and cereals giving a different touch and an explosion of flavors.

The Little Damage ice cream shop is well known for being a family business that creates delicious homemade ice creams, they often use selected ingredients with the goal of creating pleasures and flavors that make the customer come back more and more.

The ice cream shop also has a line of flavors for those who have lactose intolerance and also for those who are a follower of the vegan lifestyle. The waffle cone also conquers customers, being a delicious differential. Among its products are the ice cream of unicorns, mango, tropical fruits and cream with greyish mass, also, for those who want to try the gothic combo.

Little Damage can be found in Downtown Los Angeles and the rotate their flavors throughout the year to give their customers a huge variety of ice creams to try of course the favorites are always available.

But don`t go expecting the conventional selection of ice cream flavors, they offer unique recipes that allow you to step outside of your comfort zone and get a little adventurous with your taste buds.

The ice cream is prepared daily using only local ingredients supplied by organic dairy farmers. The new black cones are naturally colored with activated charcoal, and hand rolled minutes before you get one.

So who would love to try one of these delicious ice creams?