You Brave Enough To Swim In The Most Terrifying Swimming Pool?

A building in Houston, Texas, has recently been fitted with what is most probably the most scariest swimming pool in world.

The pool has been installed on the outside of the apartment and has a transparent bottom allowing swimmers to see the city’s busy streets below. The pool of the Market Square Towers apartment is on the 42nd floor of the building, over 150 meters high.

Image by The Comeback

The bottom of the “sky pool” as it was nicknamed, according to the Daily Mail, is made of a 20 centimeter layer of acrylic.

Image by Chron

Image by Chron

Last week, Market Square Towers posted a video on social networks that became viral: in the pictures, a man walks showing the bottom of the pool and seems to be walking over the city because the transparency of the acrylic.

The images of this crazy swimming pool were seen more than two million times on Facebook.

In addition to this pool, the building, opened last year, has another one on the terrace without the transparencies, for the less daring. There is also a small casino, a games room, a sauna, a gym, a cinema room and a basketball court.

Image by Chron

An apartment or studio in this building costs between 2.400 up to 25 thousand dollars a month.

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