You Brave Enough To Swim In This Scary Swimming Pool?

What might have seemed like a good idea at the time turned into this scary swimming pool, can´t imagine anybody feeling relaxed swimming in this pool.

A building in Houston, Texas, has recently been fitted with what is most probably the most scariest swimming pool in world.

The pool has been installed on the outside of the apartment and has a transparent bottom allowing swimmers to see the city’s busy streets below. The pool of the Market Square Towers apartment is on the 42nd floor of the building, over 150 meters high.

scary swimming pool
Image by The Comeback

The bottom of the “sky pool” as it was nicknamed, according to the Daily Mail, is made of a 20 centimeter layer of acrylic.

scary swimming pool
Image by Chron
scary swimming pool
Image by Chron

Last week, Market Square Towers posted a video on social networks that became viral: in the pictures, a man walks showing the bottom of the pool and seems to be walking over the city because the transparency of the acrylic.

The images of this crazy scary swimming pool were seen more than two million times on Facebook.

In addition to this pool, the building, opened last year, has another one on the terrace without the transparencies, for the less daring. There is also a small casino, a games room, a sauna, a gym, a cinema room and a basketball court.

scary swimming pool
Image by Chron

An apartment or studio in this building costs between 2.400 up to 25 thousand dollars a month.

5 Fun facts about swimming pools you had no idea!

1. The world’s first swimming pool

Before we know the word pool, water tanks were already common in the ancient world. The oldest installation existed over 5000 years ago, in the village of Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan.

The tank was 12 meters long by 7 meters wide and reached a depth of approximately 2 meters. It is believed that the space was used in religious rituals, in which water was applied to purify and renew men’s energies.

2. The Titanic ship had a swimming pool

Nowadays, it is common for transatlantic ships to have several options of swimming pools in their leisure areas, which attracts many tourists looking for fun. However, this was not the reality of the passenger ships of the last century.

The first ship to have a swimming pool on board was the luxurious Titanic, which was conceived in 1909 and launched in 1911. Despite being small, the pool stood out as the ship’s differential, especially among water sports fans.

3. The pool filtration system was created over 100 years ago

The first swimming pool filtration system was created in 1910. This invention was fundamental to guarantee the cleanliness and quality of the water, which allowed the popularization of public and residential swimming pools.

Over the years, pool filters became more and more efficient and safe, until we arrived at the modern systems we know today.

4. The biggest swimming pool in the world

According to the Guinness Book, the book of records, the largest swimming pool in the world is at the San Alfonso del Mar Resort, in the city of Algarrobo, Chile. Its size is equivalent to twenty Olympic swimming pools and it is six times bigger than the second place.

Its supply is done through a digital system of suction of seawater, without waste, after all, there are almost 250 million liters of water to fill the largest swimming pool in the world. In addition to swimming and diving, visitors can practice rowing and even sail through the waters of the pool.

5. Swimming burns a lot of calories and is good for your health

Despite being a low-impact exercise, swimming is excellent for burning calories and strengthening muscles. People who swim frequently can lose up to 850 calories per hour in a pool workout.

In addition, swimming improves posture, optimizes blood circulation, prevents asthma symptoms, reduces stress and protects the heart.

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So here is the big question, are you brave enough to swim in this scary swimming pool?

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