Can You Spot The Kangaroos Hiding In This Picture

A visitor and photography enthusiast went to a wildlife park in Australia recently took this picture but can you see why?

Philip Islan Wildlife Park is a conservation park located on Philip Island, Victoria, Australia. The park is well-known for the famous penguin parade on the island’s shore, which is considered to be the only commercial venue in the world where tourists can see penguins in their own environment.

The park is also home to the friendliest kangaroos who are, to a very good extent, used to humans’ presence and would even let the tourists feed them if they remain calm. In fact, this article is not specifically about the
park, but rather a photo that was taken in it by tourist by the name of Mr. Frine.

The photo was taken after a series of storms had hit the park badly, leaving the trees bare naked from any leaves, fallen, and worn out. The picture below illustrates the situation perfectly. But the picture was not taken for that purpose, it was taken because there is a kangaroo in it.

If you can spot that, we proudly admit that you have good eyesight. To those who can’t seem to find it, you can find it highlighted below.

Yet, we have one more question about that picture still. Can you spot the 2nd kangaroo? Yes, there are 2 kangaroos. In fact, the photographer himself did not realize that there is another kangaroo when he initially took the shot, not until after he returned home and went through the photos and start studying them, just to find out that he took one of the most amazing pictures of a mother kangaroo and her playful baby.

Here is the picture of the baby kangaroo behind tree branches.

And, here is a zoomed-in version of the picture.

Worth to mention that, other than tamed kangaroos at the park, you can also find many other animals such as
wombats, geese, and wallabies. Which makes the park a very popular and busy destination for tourists.