Charm Villa Creates The Adorable Fish-Shaped Teabags

A tea company called Charm Villa have started to produce these adorable fish shaped teabags that give the impression a gold fish is swimming in your cup.

Did you know that tea is one of the healthiest drinks around? The Chinese and the Arabs have known this for thousands of years and in the last century the rest of the world has caught on.

Tea offers numerous flavor combinations that provide various benefits to our body at different times of the day. But even then, many people still have some hesitation to drink it.

goldfish teabag floating in a cup

A Taiwanese company called Charm Villa has brought an added incentive for those who have difficulties in transforming the act of drinking tea into a habit with these adorable and playful Gold-fish-shaped tea bags.

Your tea will never be the same!

a row of goldfish shaped teabags with charm villa label

Imagine putting four of them in a large jar and serving ice Tea for the kids on a sunny day. Besides stimulating the imagination of the little ones, it would be a creative way to get used to the drink from an early age.

goldfish shaped teabags with charm villa label

All bag production is handcrafted and goes through up to 16 steps before they are ready. This is done to maintain the integrity of the drawing as well as express the art of the object. But to create these animal teabags takes a certain amount of skill. 300 Taiwanese artists applied for the job but only 28 were chosen.

Once ‘inflated’ with hot water, the saches mimic the natural rhythm of a goldfish. So, you will not only sip tea, but also enjoy an unusual experience.

goldfish shaped teabags with charm villa label

The Goldfish teabag is made of fresh organic rose petals from Nantou in Taiwan and strictly selected fine-quality tea sprouts.

goldfish shaped teabag floating in a glass cup with charm villa label

The only problem with these animal shaped tea bags is the price. We found the Charm Villa tea for sale on ebay, a box with 12 tea bags costs about $80 US dollars plus delivery fee. As cute as these charm villa teabags are we are not sure they are worth the money. What do you think?

charm villa boxes of animal shaped teabags

Tea Bonus Facts

Did you know tea contains caffeine?

But you don’t notice the effects because there are high levels of antioxidants in tea which slows the absorption of caffeine and results in a gentler increase of caffeine in your system. This has the benefit of longer periods of alertness and no caffeine crash at the end.

Did you black, white and green tea are made from the same plant?

Green, white and black tea are made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, a small tree native to Asia. The only difference between these teas is how the leaves are processed. The leaves are left to oxidize and then processed at different stages. White tea is the least oxidized tea, followed by green and black tea undergoes the most oxidization.

Herbal teas aren’t really teas

Herbal teas don not contain any actual tea leaves so they are caffeine-free and tea free. They are usually made up herbs, spices, and other plants, like chamomile and mint.

Most Americans Drink their Tea Cold

85% of tea sales in the America are from iced tea.

Different Teas Need Different Brewing Times

When making tea most people think they just need to boil the water, add a teabag and thats it but actually different varieties of teas need to be brewed at different temperatures for different amounts of time.

Herbal and black teas need to be heated for several minutes at high temperatures while green and white teas need to be handled a little more delicately, they should only be brewed at a temperature of 176° F to 185° F.

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