Credit Card: Check how to cancel

You no longer want to use the card and want to cancel? Many people go through this phase and don’t know the best way to carry out the cancellation.

Because when the card is no longer useful or is hindering you in a way, the best option is to opt out, as it will be an unusable item in your life.

However, most are afraid and believe that the cancellation may result in interest, fines and infractions, as it is something that has been undone in the contract.

However, not all agencies act this way, you just need to know which card you use and the best way to carry out this process.

Do you want to know how to cancel the card safely, without it becoming a future problem for you? Well then, just keep reading this article to access all the information.

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How to cancel credit card?

The first point is to analyze whether you have any outstanding debts on your bill, as for the cancellation it is necessary that there is no pending with the institution belonging.

So, after being in zero debt with your card, just follow the cancellation steps, which you will follow below.

First, it is important to remember that each bank branch has a protocol for cancellation, but there is a general protocol, which everyone transmits on occasions like this.


  1. Call the Call Center

The first step is to contact the Customer Service Center, which issued your card, a number on the back of the card, where you will call and make the request.

Most of the time an analysis of the reason is carried out, as no agency wants to lose a client, but nothing prevents you from canceling it, as it will be done if you wish.


2. Wait for analysis

After the order, the Central usually checks your history as a user of the services, thus seeing your invoices, balances and outstanding debts.

If everything said above is correct and within the rules, your cancellation is approved and carried out.

3. Get rid of the card

When is cancelled, it must immediately be destroyed, the most common being to cut it into pieces and not let any part of it show your data.

Eventually, your card will be canceled and inactive and you’ve done what you wanted.

What to think when canceling the card?

The card can be canceled for various reasons, whether it is changing to another agency, indebtedness or even dissatisfaction, but before doing so, it is important that you rethink your attitude.

Because credit cards are of great help in our financial life, for this reason, before canceling, think if it’s what you really want.

However, if it is your will, know that it is a consumer’s right and must be performed at the specified time, as it is the contracting party’s right and duty to carry out what its client determines.

Those Banks, which are among the best known, usually have two cancellation protocols:

  • Request through the Call Center via telephone
  • If you are a beneficiary of the agency, online

Finally, it is important to research and find out how your acquirer works and can cancel for you.