Child Abandons Puppy With A Note

On November 22 last year, a sad and emotional story began that, posted on Instagram at the Mascotas Coyoacán animal adoption home, delighted all the inhabitants of that Mexican municipality and also users of the social network: a boy abandoned his pet puppy chained to a park bench with a note.

Activated by parkgoers, a representative from Mascotas arrived at the scene and found a worrying scene: an abandoned and terrified dog with a note beside it. Written by a child, the note said that he had to abandon his puppy Max because her parents were treating her badly and abusing her.

The protector approached slowly because Max was scared and very aggressive. The note said;

“Hello, please adopt me, I’m Max. Please, I’m asking you to adopt this puppy and take good care of him. It hurts a lot to leave my dog ​​here, but I made this decision because my family is always mistreating him and it saddened me to see him suffering in these bad conditions ”.

Max’s rescue

The next step was to make a video call to a coach and ask for guidance on how to get Max off the bench, as he was nervous and quite scared. Accompanying everything on the cell phone screen, the professional advised on the safe way to put a collar on the animal to be able to remove the chain, which was done with great patience, during two hours of a lot of “negotiation”.

As soon as Max was calmer, the protector walked with him through the park to increase his confidence and to be able to take him to the car. The trainer advised that, as it was a battered animal, she should change the animal’s name. The new name chosen was Boston.

After attending intensive training for six days, Boston moved into a temporary home with 14 dogs. He is adapted and the owner of the house also likes him. But the pet is still in need of a permanent adopter, preferably with another dog so that Boston can spend all its vital energy, which today is immense.