Cool Pet Snake With Sunglasses Becomes Internet Sensation

Meet the most cool pet snake in the world. He looks like he is wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses and growing a mustache.

But you maybe surprised to learn that he is not wearing anything, his natural colors are giving the impression that this cool pet snake is wearing shades.

This picture was taken by Karlie Gray who posted it on the Texas State Parks Twitter page and the public went crazy for this trendy serpent. Some people referred to him as the Zorro snake.

This cool pet snake is a Western rattlesnake which is from central North America. Is he the most coolest snake you have ever seen or what?

Bonus Snake Facts

1. As a rattlesnake grows it sheds it`s skin and with every shedding the snake grows a new section to it`s rattle but using the rattle as an age indicator does not work as sometimes rattle segments can snap off.

2. Young rattlesnakes only have one or two sections to the rattle so cannot make any noise until it comes to age.

3. It may sound like there is something in the snake`s tail but it is actually empty. The rattly noise comes from the segments of the tail violently hitting each other.

4. There are sixteen species of rattlesnake, they normally grow between 3 and 4 feet and all are venomous. But in some rare instances rattlesnakes have been known to grow to seven feet.

5. Baby rattlesnakes are born venomous and because of their high aggressiveness can be more dangerous than adult rattlesnakes.

6. The average rattlesnake can live up to 20 years.

7. Did you know that a rattlesnake can survive up to two years without eating?

8. All 36 species of rattlesnake are native to the North and South America.

9. There are around 7000 to 8000 people are bitten each year by rattlesnakes but thanks to effective antivenins, only five or six bites prove fatal.

10. There have been many cases reported where decapitated rattlesnakes have bitten people. The head`s biting reflexes still remain active even after death.

11. The eastern diamondback is the biggest rattlesnake in the world, it can grow to a crazy 8 feet long and weighs around 15 pounds.

12. Rattlesnake are not very maternal, they slither off as soon as the snakelets are born.