Couple Surprised To Find Foxes Sleeping On Roof

After a snowstorm, Andy Craver woke up and was shocked to find two foxes sleeping comfortably on their snow covered roof in Breckenridge, Colorado.

“My wife just opened the curtains and it was the first thing we saw. I kept thinking how the hell they got up there! “The man told a local newspaper. After checking the surroundings from where the scene happened, the answer to Andy’s question became clear.

The snow that had built up on the ground reached almost 1.2 meters and so made it was easy for the foxes to climb onto a rubbish dump and then onto the roof of the house.

The Red Foxes have nocturnal and twilight habits (except in places of little movement, where they can be seen during the day). They hunt usually small animals such as rabbits and hares, but their menu can extend to rodents, birds, insects, fish, eggs, and fruits.

They usually hide their food in 20 secret places and usually remember all of them. If necessary, this animal can feed on the remains of human food and dead animals, which demonstrates its great adaptability.

You have to admit foxes are extremely cute.

Having fun in the snow.

Did you know that foxes are the only canines that are able to retract their claws. They also have similar eye pupils to cats and even have whiskers. You could say they are part cat.

A curious one

What does the fox say?

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Article Source; Bored Panda