Crazy Scuba Diving Photographer Swims With Anaconda

Swiss adventurer Franco Banfi came face to face with a twenty six foot anaconda while scuba diving in the Amazon river in Brazil.

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These incredible photos below show a giant anaconda searching for it’s next meal in the murky waters of the Amazon. These images were taken by professional photographer, Franco Banfi.

The 53 year old adventurer bravely joined these underwater creatures in their natural habitat with nothing but his camera.

These Brazilian anacondas could have turned on Franco at any moment but luckily for him they had not long eaten so left him alone to take these amazing pictures.

Image Source – Pinterest

Franco’s Scuba Diving Vacation

During a ten day vacation to Mato Grosso, Brazil, scuba diving photographer Franco came across 6 different anacondas. It was a trip of a lifetime and something this snake enthusiast will never forget.

Franco said he managed to get so close to these giant creatures that he could almost touch them. He also commented that as long as you respect the animal you will be ok. In fact he said he was more afraid of smaller poisonous snakes than anacondas.

This region of the Amazon is famous for its amazing forest and rivers which attracts 1000´s of tourists every year to explore but most are unaware of the anacondas that stay hidden beneath the waters.

Image Source – Pinterest

Anaconda Facts

These giant snakes are the biggest and heaviest in the world. They can be found in the many lakes and rivers of South America.

They can grow to around 30 feet but despite their giant size its hard to spot them in the murky waters.

Anacondas are able to stay under water for 10 minutes at a time and only need to poke their nostrils out of the water for air before diving again.

Anacondas are nocturnal creatures so its rare to encounter them while diving in the Amazon. They usually only eat rodents, birds and fish but the larger ones can eat calfes, big cats, dogs and even man.

Once they have devoured a large meal they will not need to feast again for several weeks.

While it is rare these dangerous predators have been know to eat people.

Mato Grosso

The name Mato Grosso means ‘Thick Forest’ and it’s easy to see why. It has many varied terrains such as cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and of course the famous Amazon makes up part of the state.

Mato Grosso is one of the lowest populated states in Brazil but thanks to mass deforestation it has one of the highest population growth rates. Many areas of this state that used to be home to immense forests are now used for cattle ranching and other agricultural farming.

Despite deforestation slowing down over the past few years it has already taken it’s tole on the local wildlife with many species being wiped.

So if you would love to go scuba diving with anacondas like Franco then you best get out there as soon as possible while the Amazon is still there home.

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