Credit Card Reversal: 3 Awesome Tips to Perform

Did you make a purchase on your credit card that you didn’t like? Or have you not received the requested product and want the reversal? These are problems that people in Brazil face on a daily basis.

Because, in the first place, purchases made that generate customer dissatisfaction are common to happen, especially those made online.

Because of that, not all the photos we see on the internet and the way we imagine the products is real when we meet them in person.

For this reason, in order to protect and protect the customer, stores always provide a complete analysis of services and products, which you can check in: How to Buy Safely on the Internet.

Although there are these problems, there are ways to appeal when it happens, like carrying out the chargeback, did you know?

Reversal is occasionally used in these and other situations, so to know how to do it correctly, just continue reading this article.

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What is Chargeback?

The chargeback, in the first place, is like the request for a refund of the money, in order to satisfy your dissatisfaction with the purchased product, whether due to presented defects, delivery delays or false advertising.

In short, when you need a refund, you request it and in this way the credit card assesses whether the amount should be refunded to you, so that your purchase is returned to its limit.

However, the credit card works differently from the cash refund, as this refund will probably happen a month later and not at the time of application.

How does Chargeback work?

How to order?

Since you made the purchase and it did not please you the way you expected, you can request a refund on your credit card.

Primarily, you call by making the chargeback request with the store that made the purchase, so that they can contact the credit card operator and request the return.

Certainly, the credit card agency performs the reversal operation, but the return of the money is the responsibility of the store.

In this sense, if your purchase was made in cash, the money is refunded in full, if it is paid in installments, the paid installments are refunded and no further charges will be charged.

How long does it take for the return?

Since it has the entire process of machine and contract company, the return of this amount in return form can take up to two months.

It is important to remember that in cases of fraud or misleading advertising by the establishment, you must contact the Card Center directly.

When to request the Chargeback?

Reversal is carried out under certain consumer laws, that is, if your situation falls within the framework of the law, you are entitled to Reversal, as follows:

  • Damaged products, without replacement within 30 days
  • Misleading advertising, that is, the product does not match the image or size
  • Product delay, delivery after the stipulated deadline
  • When fraud, cloning or improper use of your card happens
  • Within 7 days after receiving the product

Finally, with the purpose of alerting, it is always important to pay attention to the stores you buy, and in case of non-compliance with the laws, demand and act in your right as a consumer and citizen.

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