Custom Ring Brands Your Wedding Ring Finger Married

A new type of wedding ring has recently come on the market that leaves an imprinted mark on your wedding ring finger which is supposedly designed to prevent wedded couples from committing adulatory.

This unique wedding ring design was thought up as quite often many married men and women tend to slip off their wedding band in order to flirt or seduce other men and women for a bit of fun. The designer that came up with this wedding band believes the mark this ring leaves behind on our finger once it has been removed would be enough to deter this adulterous behavior.

We are yet to here of it`s success but we are curious if it would actually stop married people cheating?

How Does It work?

The wedding ring has the words I’M MARRIED etched onto the inside of the ring and so after wearing it for some time the words I’M MARRIED are then branded into the wearers wedding ring finger thus showing his or hers marital status.
The theory is if someone were to see the wedding ring finger branded I’M MARRIED they would be put off and resist the cheaters charming advances and prevent any wrong doing.
This anti-cheating wedding ring comes with a hefty $550 price tag and after wearing it for a sufficient time, your wedding ring finger will bare the indelible mark of those words, displaying clearly your marital status even if you were to slip the wedding band off.
Of course after sometime the wedding ring finger will return back to it`s normal state by which time the wearer would most probably be needing to put the ring back on.
This anti cheating wedding ring was designed by American Jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills who believes his wedding ring design contributes to more successful marriages.
While this maybe a good idea we are not sure whether this would actually be a good enough deterrent. For instance in a night club it would probably be to dark to see and by the time the mark is noticed it’s too late. And would it really put people off? Would you stay away from somebody branded I’M Married?
In fact there are many folk out there who prey on married people so it may have the opposite effect in some circumstances.

Do you think having your wedding ring finger branded would put people off?

Did you know that in the US alone over 2.3 million couples are wed every year. That works out around 6,200 weddings a day. Out of those newly weds 99% will go on a honeymoon but sadly statistics show that 50% of these marriages end in divorce.
In Europe there are around 2.2 million marriages a year but there is a slightly lower ratio of 43% of those marriages ending in divorce.
So it doesn’t matter which side of the Atlantic you are on marriages have more or less a 50% chance of surviving.
Maybe this custom wedding ring could help turn these statistics around or perhaps these marriages are just doomed from the start.