Is This The Cutest Pet You’ve Ever Seen? Introducing The Ezo Momonga

Meet the little Ezo Momonga who is one of the most cutest pet on the planet. Would you love to adopt one of these little critters.

Many would think that these creatures are the work of some professional photoshop artist but they are actually real and come from Japan.

The ezo is a type of flying squirrel that lives on an island in the north of Japan called Hokkaido. Due to it’s adorable cuteness the Japanese adore this little creature and it’s popularity is starting to grow world wide.

But the cutest pet in the world is not cheap or easy to adopt.

Due to many people capturing them from the wild to make a quick buck Japanese authorities have set up vigorous paperwork and certification to ensure people are acquiring these cute animals properly.

So you can only purchase the Ezo Momongo from a professional breeder in order to keep the natural population from being interfered with.

The Ezo Momonga weighs just 200 grams but despite it’s very small size it can jump amazing distances thanks to special wing flaps. The Ezo can deploy this wafer thin wings when it jumps allowing himself to clear distances of 500 meters in a single bound.

Because of it’s extreme cuteness the ezo has been chosen as the for symbols and logo for many businesses and organizations throughout Japan.

There are numerous species of the ezo which have a different colors and can grow to different sizes.

What do Ezo Momonga eat?

The Ezo Momonga loves to eat leaves, seeds, buds, cones, sprouts, berries, nuts, and have been found to also eat bird eggs on occasion.

Can I Adopt a Ezo Momonga?

People have been having flying squirrels as pets for hundreds of years, as they can make for a unique companion. However, because of their exotic status they are actually illegal to own one in certain countries ad states. Before you consider adopting one you should the legality before purchasing one.

Search online to find out information on your country and local state laws regarding having flying squirrels as pets.

Ezo Momonga becomes entertainment Icon

The Ezo Momonga is so popular that there have been numerous entertainment characters created based on this adorable creature such as the Momonga Pinball Adventures which was created for the Nintendo Switch. A character in the popular Manga series called One Piece was also named after these flying squirrels.

Watch the video below to see these cute little Ezo Momongas in the wild.

So who would love to adopt one of these cute little Ezo Momongas?