I delayed payment of the invoice: What now?

Did you get stuck paying your invoice? Did you face difficulties when you realized the full amount? Well, this is a problem among most people, because between one thing here and another there, the bill snowballs and runs out of your budget.

However, when you have this situation, there is a great fear in our head, as we are not sure what to do, because if you do not have the money and cannot pay, what is the best option when the day comes. Due date?

There are multiple options, which you can do so that the interest is lower, or so that your name doesn’t get negative, but you need to know very well which one to choose, so that you don’t end up messing around even more.

If you want to know the best option for delaying your invoice, just keep reading this article, as below will contain all the precise information about this content.

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Why is the invoice delayed?

The delay in the bill is due to several situations, one of which is the case where the world is, where everything is at an abusive value and running away from people’s budgets, which causes a shortage of money and the credit card becomes an option .

However, not always after buying what you need, it is possible to have the money to pay for everything, and despair becomes routine, because with the interest it becomes even more difficult to pay.

Another reason would be compulsiveness, as people shop without thinking about tomorrow, and think they are minimal or cheap things, but when they see it, it has already become a huge debt, which their budget no longer covers.

What is the solution to not delay my invoice?

One of the things that should be your starting line is to spend what you can and is within your conditions, that is, if you can spend “X”, don’t spend “Y”, don’t count on what you don’t have, because when paying it will be impossible.

Also, try to use your credit card in extreme needs, as it is deceiving, it can be the great villain that will sink you into debt, it is very important that you are aware of using it for essential hours.

What happens if I pay late on the invoice?

The payment delay varies depending on the card you have, as each banking institution has a type of maturity strategy, so you need to assess your bank’s resolution.

However, in most cases, interest and a daily penalty are charged for each day overdue, if you pass the maturity by 10 days, during those ten days you will be charging interest, and per month the rate becomes even higher.


In case the invoice is late, the interest varies from 2.70% to 14%, in addition to being accompanied by a 2% fine on top of the amount owed. This is counted daily, the month becomes a big debt, don’t you think?

Besides, all the cards and institutions, when their value is in debt for a long time, it turns out that it can be cut, and their name becomes a debtor.

What to do when the invoice is delayed?

The best and most suitable option in these cases is to pay the minimum amount or in installments.

  1. Minimum payout

When you make the minimum payment, which is proposed by the card itself, the remainder of the unpaid amount goes to next month’s bill, in addition to having revolving interest, which increases the total amount.

2. Invoice installment

The installment plan is also proposed by the card, so the installments can be multiple, but the more installments there are, the more interest will be charged, and it turns out that the value remains the same on the next bill, for this reason, try to make smaller installments , so that interest rates are minimal.

The most suitable

The best option first is to organize yourself to not get to this situation, so plan and have financial spreadsheets, so your life does not become a big mess.

Finally, if that happens, try to analyze which option will help you the most in the future, but remember never to miss the deadline, it is better to pay the minimum installments or to have the name negative.