Did You Know Beards Are Dirtier Than Most Toilets?

You maybe shocked to learn that the average beard is infested with tons of bacteria and dirt, even more than most toilets.

A study was recently conducted in New Mexico by microbiologist scientists who took swabs of beards and the results were a huge eye opener. It turns out that the bacteria that was found in beards is also the same that is found in toilets.

The microbiologist specialists said that this bacteria is quite dangerous to your health so maybe you should think twice about growing that stylish beard.

Of course it was anticipated to find a certain amount of bacteria hence the reason for the experiment but the scientists were shocked with the amount of bacteria they had found.

But there is hope for those of you wanting a beard, regular cleaning of your beard can help to keep the bacteria at bay. Also resist touching your beard too, your fingers are home to bacteria which gets passed to your beard every time you touch it. So no more beard twirling.

Did you know there is also a phobia called pogonophobia which is the fear of beards. I guess some beards are just to frightening to some people.

Do you like beards?

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