Did You Know Beggars In Dubai Make More Money Than Most People Earn?

Image Source Danviet

Dubai is the city of wealth and opulence and even the beggars can make huge amounts of money, especially around Ramadan.

Begging is actually illegal in Dubai but despite this it doesn`t seem to stop anybody. In fact begging has increased over the years and the reason is because it`s so profitable. These full time beggars can actually make as much as Dh270,000 per month which is around $73,500 US Dollars.

Whats even more crazy is that most of the beggars aren`t even from Dubai, many of the beggars enter the country on a tourist visa and try to take advantage of the wealthy residents.

Some reports have discovered that numerous crimanal gangs are putting beggars onto the streets and then collecting nearly all their money they have accumalated during the day.

These so called professional beggars are only targeting people who appear rich and then tell them a tear jerking story of how bad their lives are and that they urgently need assistance. But what makes these smart beggers stand out is the fact they are cheeky enough to ask for Dh1000 ($270) or even more, and the crazy thing is many passers by give them what they ask for.

Some residents have caught on to the increasing problem and are no longer giving out handouts. The police have also started getting involved and started numerous campaigns targeting professional beggars.

One smart beggar was caught making more than $73,500 a month. He was a foreigner and had entered the country on a three month tourist visa.

Police are arresting beggars on a regular basis but the thought of earning so much money is just too hard to resist for many people.

In 2017 around sixty five smart beggars were arrested within the first few days of Ramadan and that was just the tip of the iceberg, many managed to elude the police. There is currently a hotline set up by local authorities who are asking residents to call whenever they see a begger instead of giving them money.