Did You Know There Is A Lego Restaurant That Makes Lego Burgers?

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A new Burger restaurant has recently opened up which has a Lego theme. It is called Brick Burger and the customers are going crazy for their Lego shaped burgers.

The restaurant serves a variety of different meals like hot dogs, chicken wings and pasta dishes but it’s specialty that everyone loves is the Lego Burger. Once you have devoured your brick shaped burger they also have amazing Lego themed deserts with Lego blocks hidden inside.

The owner loves to entertain his clientele so he often holds competitions for customers to see who can eat the monster burger meal, prizes are usually Lego sets or coupons for something of the menu. Which I suppose is what is expected from a Lego themed diner.

The Lego burgers are available in 10 different colors with each one having their own extremely delicious ingredients such as Mac & Cheese, Barbecue sauce, Spicy Burger and Nachos.

They have also recently launched a new special Darth Vader brick burger which is creating a stir in the Force, it comes with caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, sour cream, bbq sauce, and a black bun.

The burger patties are made with 100 percent pure Australian beef and can be enjoyed while either playing with Lego bricks, checking out the rare Lego pieces that are dotted around the restaurant or simply enjoying the company of your friends and family.

Unfortunately if you want to devour one of this block sandwiches you are gonna have to travel all the way to the Philippines. But the good news is that the creator of this Burger restaurant is now moved in franchising so there is a possibility of these restaurants starting to pop up around the world.

At the Brick Burger it`s not just the food that impresses, the entire restaurant is decorated with Lego figures and buildings. Some are rare collector editions that you have probably never seen before.

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They even have a Lego model of their own restaurant which is really cool. The owner

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To keep the customers from getting bored while waiting for their food there is hundreds of Lego blocks to build something creative. Just don’t get carried away and start playing with your brick burger too.

Since it`s opening the burger restaurant has won awards for Most Innovative Restaurant and Best Themed Restaurant.

Would You Love To Sink Your Teeth Into One Of These Delicious Lego Burgers?

Maybe one day one of these restaurants will open up in your home town.

If you love burgers then you might like these interesting bonus burger facts.

The U.S. is one of the largest consumers of burgers, Americans around 50 billion burgers a year. If you lined them up that number would stretch around the planet 32 times.

The most expensive burger ever made was called the Glamburger, it featured bits of edible gold leaf, lobster and caviar. It had a price tag of $1,768.

Do you know that Burger King is actually called Hungry Jack’s in Australia?

McDonald’s sells more than 75 burgers a second.

Do you know any interesting burger facts?

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These burgers look so nice its tempting to book a flight to the Philippines to go and try one of these delicious Lego meals. But looking at these pictures I am wondering if the bread buns all fit together like real Lego pieces, that would be so cool. You could build your own mega burger and go crazy with it stacking up burger on top of burger. If the owner isn´t doing that then he should.

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