Discover 10 Crazy Things Women Like To Do On A First Date

Discover some of the bizarre things some women like to do during the first encounter to test their date. There is more to a first date than you actually realize!

1. Take A Long Time Choosing Something From The Menu

While most guys like to pick whatever takes their fancy on the menu it is a hell of a lot more complicated for women.

As it`s a first date women don`t like to order anything too expensive and nothing too big or her date might think she is being greedy. If the lady chooses a salad then she will only feel hungry later on in the date. So whats a girl to order???

2. Dress To Impress

In order to make a good impression on a first date girls will go to that extra length to impress their date. They will quite often go out and buy a new dress for the date and even new makeup and perfume too.

3. Act Smarter And More Interesting

During this first encounter girls like to give the impression they are smart in order to seem more sophisticated. So they make more of an effort to talk about interesting things instead of the usual celebrity gossip and boy bands.

4. Look For Clues

You can tell a lot about a person by their appearance, has he washed his hair, did he brush his teeth, the state of his clothes. A girl can tell if her date hasn`t made an effort and it can be off putting if they havent.

5. Avoid Uncomfortable Silence

Awkward silences are horrible at the best of times but on a first date they can be very uncomfortable. Even chatting about nonsense can be better than silence.

6. Text Their Friends How The Date Is Going

While it can be thought of as rude to use your phone while on a first date, girls just can’t help texting their friends all the details as it happens. Even some guys do this too.

7. Nervous Fidgeting

When a woman feels nervous on a date she will quite often twirl her hair and play with something on the table, a little drink can often help calm the nerves. Guys also fidget when nervous but in different ways.

8. Constant Smiling

Whether women are enjoying themselves or not they will usually keep smiling through the first date. So you will never know if they are smiling because they are having a good time or smiling while looking for the nearest exit.

9. Look For Deal Breakers

Some of the questions women ask on a first date are not always conversation starters they are in fact tests. So guys, best you always think before you answer or you might end having an early night.

10. Like To Arrive Late

While most people think women turn up late because it’s fashionable the truth is it’s because it takes so long to get perfect for a first date.

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