Discover 10 Giant Creatures That Will Scare The Pants Off You

You may never sleep peacefully again after you learn these giant creatures actually exist and are currently roaming our planet.

Just imagine that you may at some point in your life happen to come face-to-face with one of these giant creatures, it beats that feeling of importance, not that these magnificent animals are the most deadly existent, but their appearance and size are going to give you chills and perhaps scare the pants off you.

Check it out the top 10 giant Creatures below!

1. Gigantic Coconut Crabs

These enormous crabs can grow up to 4.1 kilos and would send most people running. They can easily rip apart coconuts which is their favorite food hence their name.

Coconut crabs can be found in burrows and rock crevices along coastal areas in Southern Asia and Australia.

2. Giant Palm Weevil

Most weevils are small in size but there is one type of weevil that can grow over an inch long. It is called the giant Palm Weevil and is indigenous to Florida in The US.

3. Giant Snail

In some countries snails have been known to grow up to crazy sizes. While most people find these slimy creatures disgusting the French love eating them. Yuch!!

4. Giant Arthropod

These giant arthropods can be found scuttling along the bottom of the ocean floor. The largest one ever caught was 30 inches long and weighed over 4 pounds.

5. Giant Octopus

History is full of stories about giant octopi attacking ships at sea but while most of these tales are exaggerated a nine foot octopus like the one above is still damn scary.

6. Giant Oarfish

The giant oarfish is the world’s longest bony fish. The average size is about three meters in length but some have been caught measuring a crazy seventeen meters long.

7. Giant African Bullfrog

This is the largest frog in the world. It eats rodents, reptiles and anything else it can stick it’s giant teeth into.

8. Giant Centipedes

The Amazonian giant centipede is one of the largest centipedes on the planet. It can grow to lengths of thirty centermeters but thankfully it is only found in certain parts of South America.

It also has a powerful venom which is capable of killing a small child with a single bite.

9. Anacondas

These giant snakes are capable of swallowing a man, so watch out if you are ever exploring the Amazon rain forest.

Giant Crocodile

This crocodile was hunted and killed in Africa after many locals started disappearing. It is currently the biggest croc ever seen, it was 22ft long and weighed 2500 pounds.

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