Discover 20 Secrets To A More Successful And Happier Life

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Do you want to learn how to live a happier life? Then read on to discover the twenty secrets successful people use to live to their fullest.

1. Try To Memorize Something New Everyday

By memorizing something new everyday not only are you exercising your brain but you are also increasing your knowledge which may make you more interesting during conversations.

2. Don’t Get Too Attached To Possessions

Don`t be too clingy to your possessions because you can`t take them with you when you leave this world. Also it`s good to clear out old stuff to make way for the new.

3. Read Something Inspirational Before Bed And After Waking

Reading something inspirational can put you on a high for the night and in the morning. What better way to start the day feeling positive and inspired to give it your all.

4. Choose Your Friends Wisely

If you hang with negative people they can often drag you down with them preventing you to reach your true potential. A true friend should encourage you to follow your dreams and want the best for you but unfortunately there many people out there who get jealous and don`t want you to succeed. Don’t let anyone get in the way of you being all that you can be.

5. Stay Fit!

A fitter body is a healthier body which could help you live a longer life.

6. Don’t Dwell On The Past – Focus On The Present

You cannot change the mistakes of the past so what has happened has happened and leave it at that. Concentrate on the present and how to move forward but remember to learn from your mistakes otherwise you may end up repeating the past.

7. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water is much more healthier than sodas and other drinks. It can make you perform better, wake you up, clean your body out, help you loose weight and has also been known to cure diseases.

8. Trust Your Gut Feelings

Sometimes your gut has a better idea on what to do than what you do. So follow your instincts and you may find you are right more often because trusting your gut is trusting the collection of all your subconscious experiences.

9. Think Positive Thoughts

Ever found when something bad happens it causes a chain reaction of events? That`s because negative thoughts attract negative actions. So nip it in the butt and concentrate on positive thoughts.

If you struggling with this one then try the elastic band method. Wrap it around your wrist and sting yourself every time a negative thought pops into your head. You`ll learn to stop.

10. Read Lots Of Books

Knowledge is power. It will also improve your vocabulary too.

11. Help Others

Helping others often has a ripple effect. That person will then feel the need to help someone else, and so on. Pay it forward so we can all have a happier life.

Plus people you have helped will usually be willing to return the favor when your are need.

12. Be Honest

To be a good liar you need an amazing memory as most people don`t have one it can lead to nothing but trouble. People will also like you more if you are trustworthy.

13. Don’t Sleep Too Much

As tempting as it may seem to have an extra hour or two in bed just imagine how much you could achieve if you got up early. Some people are fine just having five hours of sleep a day. With a bit persistence and determination you could train your body to sleep less too.

14. Set Your Self Goals

Life is too short to plod through aimlessly, set your self a goal and don`t stop till you achieve it. Make a list of small steps on how to reach goal and start today.

You will have a much happier life with something to aim for.

15. Travel Whenever You Can

Traveling is much more pleasurable than most things in life. Many things you`ll forget as you grow old but you`ll always remember those amazing vacations. Plus exploring and learning new cultures and traditions is good for the soul.

16. Don’t Let Other People’s Opinions Upset You

It`s easy to get upset with criticism but remember this, you can`t please everybody all the time. No matter what you do there will always be someone who doesn`t like it, so learn to put up a barrier and ignore what other people think. Live your life how you want to and not to please others.

17. Learn To Forgive

To err is human, to forgive is divine. Everybody makes mistakes, accept that and learn to forgive. Holding grudges will do nothing but bring unhappiness to your life.

18. Learn To Relax!

You need to find time to chill out, try meditating for twenty minutes or sit in the garden and watch the world go by.

Also give yourself a reward every time you make progress towards your goals, regular treats will certainly give you a happier life.

19. Choose A Life Slogan

My life slogan is `Treat others the same as you wish others would treat you`. Choose one for yourself and stick to it.

20. Do What You Love

Discover a hobby, a passion or a sport you love doing. Life is too short to just work, you must have some fun too and you`ll have a more happier life when you find something you are passionate about.

Do You Have Any Tips For A Happier Life?

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