Discover Alqueva, the best City in the world to see the stars

Many people dream of traveling the world and visiting as many places as possible. There are those who venture into a backpacking trip to some country, others more intense choose a continent and leave aimlessly, just to explore as much as possible.

We come back from trips with a baggage of knowledge that we carry for life. The cuisine, the sights, the dances, music, the culture as a whole from somewhere is capable of enchanting us and making us come back. If you are one of those people who love to travel the world, for sure, you will want to visit Alqueva, in Portugal.

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This is an old Portuguese parish in the municipality of Portel. The place has 79.20 square kilometers and a population of only 329 inhabitants (2011). The name “Alqueva” is derived from “fallow”, which means “fallow land” or “deserted”. This says a lot about the parish, since the biggest problem there is the scarcity of water. The small town went through a phase of desertification with the arrival of Muslims, to recover after the Nationality foundation.

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There, we can find several tourist spots that will make us fall in love with the place. We have the Mother Church, the Chapel of Santo Antônio, the Penha Ventosa landmark and the geodetic landmark, for example. However, what most attracts the attention of tourists is the starry sky that we can observe there. We brought you more details, dear reader. Check with us below and share with your friends.

Alqueva, the best city in the world to see the starry sky

Life in large urban centers and great pollution totally transform the pleasure of admiring the beauty of the stars. However, this small town in Portugal allows us to do this in a unique way. In Alqueva, we can feel the sky closer. Despite being a little known place, even by adventurous tourists, this is considered the best place in the world to watch the stars.

Alqueva is the first site in the world to receive the “Stalight Tourism Destination” certificate. This indicates that it is a region with low light pollution. Therefore, it is possible to observe the night sky in a unique and extremely special way. The title is awarded by the Starlight Foundation and is supported by UNESCO.

In addition to the wide open sky, the city has excellent weather conditions that allow full view of the stars during most of the year. The region, a small picturesque village, is still known for its cultural and natural wealth. In fact, the place is more than perfect for those looking to sleep in the natural night light and looking at the stars.

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