Discover How Your Favorite Candies Got Their Names

M&M’s are probably one of the most common chocolate candies on the planet but do you know how they got their name? Read on to find out where M&M’s and many other popular candies got their names from.

1. M&M’s

During World War II chocolate was in scarce supply so Forrest Mars, Sr from the Mars company combined forces with Hershey’s president Bill Murrie to create these delicious candies. They used the letter of their surname to name the little treats M&M’s.

2. Sugar Daddy

This candy was actually called Papa Sucker when first released but the name was later changed to Sugar Daddy in 1932 because it was believed the term evoked a wealth of sweetness.

3. Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a name used in the 18th century to refer to mutton pies, which got their name from the innkeeper who used to make them. Christopher Catt was the gentleman’s name and over the years it was shortened to Kit Catt and then to Kit Kat. But why Rowntree chose to name a chocolate snack after a meat pie is a strange one only the owners can answer.

4. Snickers

The Snickers bar was named after the Mars family’s most favorite horse. Maybe this is were the saying I am so hungry I could eat a horse comes from.

5. Baby Ruth

This candy bar was originally called Kandy Kake but was renamed Baby Ruth in honor of President Grover Cleveland’s deceased daughter, Ruth. At least that’s what the Curtiss Candy Company claim. Some believe it was a clever scheme to capitalize on the Baseball player Babe Ruth’s fame without paying him an endorsement deal.

6. 3 Musketeers

The 3 Musketeers originally had three different flavors in the bar but when World war II started and chocolate was rationed the company had to reduce the candy to just one flavor chocolate. The recipe has stuck ever since and so has the name.

7. PEZ

Pez were originally all peppermint flavored and were named after the German name for peppermint, pfefferminz.

8. Jolly Rancher

The name for this candy treat was selected by it’s Colorado-based creators back in 1949. The name was meant to suggest a hospitable, western company.

9. Chick-O-Stick

The Atkinson Candy Company named this sweet Chick-O-Stick after chicken bones which is the name of the recipe that Chick-O-Sticks are based. Makes you wonder what is in them.

10. Abba-Zaba

It’s hard to know exactly the source of this name because the company who create these treats have been bought numerous times over the years. But it is beleived the name comes from a fictitious Zulu warrior.

11. Junior Mints

It is believed that Junior Mints was thought up to sound similar to Junior Miss. Another attempt at getting a famous name like Babe Ruth.

12. Oh Henry!

When this candy bar was in the beginning of it’s life a young man called Henry used to visit the candy factory and flirt with the girls who worked there. The factory owner George Williamson used to find it funny hearing the girl’s calling him over and Oh Henry was born.

13. Milk Duds

There was a problem with the machine that was used to make this candy and instead of the mini chocolate pieces coming out perfectly round they turned out misshaped. Instead of throwing them out, the company capitalized on the duds and Milk Duds were born.

14. Life Savers

These minty sweets were shaped and named on a flotation device from 1912 but it’s also believed the company purposely made them this shape so that if accidentally swallowed the victim could still breathe because of the hole in the middle.

15. Twix

This bar was called Raider in some countries and Twix in others. In 1991 the Mars company decided to make it called Twix in every country.

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