Discover The Strangest Frogs In The Natural World

Check out these amazing nature photos of some of the strangest looking frogs from different environments all over the world!

The Black Rain Frog

This funny looking little fellow seems to be holding a frown and for that reason is locally known as the grumpy frog. It also makes cute squeaky sounds and is said to bring good luck.

The Purple Frog

Purple frogs come from India where they only emerge in the rainy season. The rest of the year they stay hidden buried a long way under ground in holes as deep as 26 feet. The only food these frogs eat throughout their whole life is termites. Because of its strange looking nose it is also known as the pig nose frog.

The Brazilian Horned Frog

Horned frogs come from the moist Amazon rain forest in South America. Although they are not that big they are known to be extremely aggressive and have razor sharp teeth. For this reason many local people wear boots in the forest to avoid getting bitten by these nasty creatures.

Despite their aggression these frogs have become very popular as a pet in the United States.

The Vietnamese Mossy Frog

This very cute and very strange frog comes from Vietnam. It has adaptive skin shapes and is one of the best camouflaged animals in the world. This makes the frog all but invisible to people and predators, you could be sitting right next to one and not even know it.

The Tomato Frog

For obvious reasons this amphibious creature is called the tomato frog but you would be very unwise to try to eat one. They are extremely poisonous and the brilliant red color is to warn predators to stay away.

African Bullfrog

The African bullfrog is a giant among frogs and has very large teeth which helps it devour large prey. If it fits in its mouth, it will eat it including other frogs, reptiles and rodents.

Turtle Frog

Turtle frogs are probably the strangest frogs on the planet for various reasons. They form their own genus to which no other frogs belong. They actually look just like a turtle but without the shell hence their name.

They do not come from tadpoles like most frogs, instead they are born from eggs.

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