Do You Have Any Idea What Type Of Animal This Exotic Pet Could Be?

Take a long and careful look at this image of the creature known as Nelson. He was rescued in Norfolk, England but can you guess at what kind of animal this exotic pet could possibly be?

Nelson was discovered in the wild in this condition and was quickly whisked of the Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue where Volunteers have been looking after him.

Scroll through the images below and see if you can guess what exotic pet he is.

hedgehog without spines

Nelson is actually a hedgehog without any spines which makes him look so different to any other hedgehog on the planet.

hedgehog without needles

Volunteers at the center say he suffered some type of trauma which left him without any spines to protect himself. They also said it is truly amazing that he managed to survive against all odds. Hedgehogs are quite slow movers and rely on their spines for defense against predators. Without the spines they are prone to attacks from predators.

Volunteers at the animal sanctuary have been trying all different methods to try help Nelson grow his spines back but have had no luck. They have tried giving the exotic pet regular massages with almond oil while also pampering to his every need.

hedgehog without spines

With regular massages for one year now they were hoping that his spines might grow back. But unfortunately this has not happened. So now they have a big problem to face. Should they keep Nelson as a pet in the sanctuary of the center or return him back to the wild where he probably would not last very long.

hedgehog without spines

In the mean time they will look after and pamper him. He has a wonderful personality and loves spending time with the volunteers every day. Being massaged, cuddled and stroked to his hearts content. The staff say “If we need to look after Nelson for the rest of his life. That is not a problem for us. We love him and we will always be there for him.”

If you would like to find out more about the rescue center or donate to this worthy cause, go to their website link here: FoxyLodge

Did you have any idea Nelson was a hedgehog, he looks more like a passion fruit when curled up in a ball. So who would love to adopt him as an exotic pet?

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