English Brand Creates Awesome Houses And Toys For Cats

Have you ever needed to work and your cat will not get off your laptop? Well now your problems are over thanks to an English brand called Suck UK.

This English brand has created a series of unusual shaped toys that promise to entertain your pet cats while also giving their owners great opportunities for snapping some brilliant photos.

Suck UK has toys that imitate laptops and record players which have been made especially for cats to scratch their claws. They also produce fun houses in the form of airplanes, fire trucks, Cadillacs, indigenous hollows and even tanks of war. All made from recycled paper and cardboard.

1. Vinyl player toys

(Photo: Suck UK / Press Release)

2. War tank house

(Photo: Suck UK /Press Release)

3. Plain house

(Photo: Suck UK /Press Release)

4. Lap top scratching toy

(Photo: Suck UK /Press Release)

5. Fire engine house

(Photo: Suck UK / Press Release)

6. Indigenous tent

7. Cadillac house

Don`t you agree these cat toys are pretty awesome?

You can also let go of your creative side and make your own beautiful little houses and toys for your cats. Here are a few homemade cat beds and toys that you could try yourself. Enjoy.

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