Exotic Frog Becomes Internet Sensation Because Of Snail Friends

Meet the exotic frog that is taking the internet by storm because it`s snail friends makes it look similar to Princess Leia from the sci fi blockbuster Star Wars.

An Indonesian photographer called Tanto Yensen recently posted one of his many frog photos online and it has become an internet hit because the amphibian looks very similar to the Star Wars character Princess leia.

A huge frenzy has kicked off with photoshop experts inserting our froggy friend into Star wars scenes and a few other funny pictures.

Check them out below.

1. The Original Exotic Frog Picture

Image by Lad Bible

This dumpy tree frog has been Tanto`s pet for four years and is so laid back he is quite happy to sit back and let two snails slither all over him.

2. Slave Frog

Image by Boredpanda

Even with a frog’s head this slave girl still looks freakishly sensual.

3. Froghoven

Image by Boredpanda

Meet Froghoven, the amphibian composer that can write musical masterpieces.

4. George Frogington

Image by Boredpanda

George Frogington became the first frog president of the United States.

5. The Frog Is Strong With This One

Image by Boredpanda

So does this mean Luke and this frog are brother and sister?

6. DJ Froggy

Image by Boredpanda

Is there a crazy frog in the house?

7. Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi, You’re My Only Croak

Image by Boredpanda

Would Luke really have rushed off to save Princess Leia if she looked like this?

8. Frog Hammer

Image by Boredpanda

I saw a frog hitch hiking the other day so I pulled over and told him to hop in.

9. Froggy The Hut

Image by Boredpanda

Definitely think Carrie Fisher looks better in the slave girl outfit.

10. Exotic Frog Makeover Challenge

Image by Boredpanda

Look how much happier this frog looks with teeth.

Bonus Frog Facts

1. Did you know that there is around five thousand different species of these amphibian creatures?

2. Frogs live between 5 and 10 years depending on which species.

3. Do you know how frogs drink? It may seem like an obvious answer but actually these amphibian animals consume water by absorbing it through their skin. How crazy is that?

4. Did you know that frogs use their eyes to swallow food? They are able to retract their eyes into their heads to push the food down. How crazy is that?

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