Fancy Sleeping Surrounded By Sea Creatures At Manta Resort

If you fancy an adventure vacation this year then how about sleeping with the fishes at the Manta Resort. A night at this underwater hotel is an experience you`ll never forget.

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For those who like to spend their holidays in a quiet place far far away, a floating hotel delights those who love sea life and serenity.

The floating underwater room tops almost anything you`ve probably seen before. From the comfort of your bed you can watch shoals of reef fish swim by in the clear turquoise waters.

This underwater hotel features three floors for you to relax in:

First off is the amazing lounge area, which is at sea level and offers a beautiful and unobstructed view of the glorious blue sea and local islands.

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Above the lounge area is a relaxing deck for those who wish to bathe in the sun during the day or see the stars at night.

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Finally, the most appealing part of the hotel is the submarine room where you get sleep with the fishes.

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The Manta Resort submarine room is four meters below the surface of the ocean and has numerous large windows for you to peer out into the sea. Special lights can be turned on at night that attracts many sea creatures such as squid and other tropical fish that you may never have seen before.

While it may be fun during the day it will probably take some getting used to having a school of fish watching you sleep.

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As you might expect a night at the Manta Resort underwater hotel is not cheap. You’ll have pay $1,500 USD a night for a couple or $900 USD if you want to stay in the hotel on your own. Plus you have to book up for a minimum of three days.

Who says the best things in life are free?

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Your incredible journey begins with a short boat ride to the underwater room which sits approximately 250m from the shore. Upon arrival at the room you are greeted with a chilled, spiced tea and a sea of smiles from your private butler who will then show you the ins and outs of your private floating island. A kayak, snorkel and fins are also provided for you to explore the clear waters at your own leisure.

Breakfast and dinner is served at a pre-arranged times decided by you on the deck of your preference.

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Mikael Genberg, is the man behind this unique room, his first creation was an under water hotel in Sweden were guests could be mesmerized by the wildlife swimming past which included otters and many species of fish.

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Would you love to spend a night in this incredible hotel room underwater? I certainly would, it seems so blissful to be secluded in your own private room surrounded by nothing but the deep blue sea. You would definitely have to arrange to have your meals brought and served to you, it´s not as if you could just pop down to the local restaurant.

Don´t want to be a downer but there doesn´t seem to be any boats or anything attached to the room so does that mean you are totally stranded in your resort room until your stay is over and they come and pick you up? Not sure if I would like that, would you?

Perhaps there is some sort of communication device were you can call room service or a taxi boat.

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