Fifteen Hilarious Signs That Are Perfect Examples of Irony

Check out our collection of some funny signs which are brilliant examples or irony. Scroll through and tell us which one is your favorite.

1. I Wonder How Many People Rung Up.

2. Well Thats What He Thinks Of The Training Book

3. That`s Good To Know

4. Maybe Not The Best Grammer Teacher

5. Unless It`s A Beaver

6. How Many People Do You Think Use The Stairs

7. Stop Chew, Should Be Kept Out Of Reach Of Animals Too

8. Not A Very Good Lawyer Then

9. Except This Sign

10. What Goes Around Comes Around

11. Perhaps He Crashed Because He Was Too Busy reading The Sign

12. And Ends With This Motorist

13. Not Sure If That Book Really Works

14. Except For The Irremovable Label

15. Does Anybody See The Logic In This?