18 Flags of Countries Recreated With Their Authentic Food Dishes

Eighteen delicious food dishes in the form of flags made using the country’s traditional authentic foods. See how many you can look at without feeling hungry.

Last year the Australian advertising agency Whybin/TBWA was elected to create a campaign to promote the Sydney International Food Festival, Australia’s largest gastronomic event, and has attracted nearly a million attendees in its previous editions.

So, if the subject is authentic food, nothing is fairer than making the best of each country to illustrate amazing and tasty images. It was from there that the participants recreated the flags of 18 countries with ingredients and typical food dishes of each one of them.

Check out the gallery below, learn a little more about the cuisine of some countries and try to reach the end without drooling!

1. Australia.

Image by NBC News

This flag has been created using a tasty meat pie and gravy. The union jack is made of a few squirts of ketchup.

2. Brazil.

Image by NBC News

A giant banana leaf makes up the base of the Brazilian flag and a lemon, pineapple and passion fruit makes up the rest.

3. China.

Image by NBC News

Red dragon fruit is used for the China flag and few slices of star fruit finishes it off.

4. South Korea.

Image by NBC News

Kimbap and dipping sauces are simple enough to create the Korean flag.

5. Spain.

Image by Common Purpose

Slices of Chorizo and paella rice, delicious.

6. United States.

Image by Common Purpose

Traditional hot dog with ketchup and mustard to make the stars and stripes. Can’t get more American than this.

7. France.

Image by Common Purpose

Gorgonzola and brie cheese along with a bunch of grapes makes up the French flag.

8. Greece.

Image by Common Purpose

Cubes of feta cheese mixed with fresh olives.

9. India.

Image by Common Purpose

Chicken curry, white rice, paparis and a single poppadom cleverly placed makes up the Indian flag.

10. Indonesia.

Image by Common Purpose

Hot chilli sauce and plain white rice is enough to make up the Indonesian flag.

11. Italy.

Image by Common Purpose

Cooked Spaghetti, ripe tomatoes and a few basil leaves creates the Italian flag.

12. Japan.

Image by Common Purpose

One slice of fresh tuna sitting on a bed of rice is all you need to make the Japanese flag.

13. Lebanon.

Image by Common Purpose

Lavash bread, fattoush and parsley. Yummy.

14. United Kingdom.

Image by Common Purpose

The Union Jack is represented by a giant scone topped with cream and different coloured jams.

15. Switzerland.

Image by Common Purpose

Slices of ham and emmental cheese.

16. Thailand.

Image by Common Purpose

Sweet pepper sauce, grated coconut and a blue crab.

17. Turkey.

Image by Common Purpose
Delicious traditional Turkish delight makes up the Turkish flag.

18. Vietnam.

Image by Common Purpose

Rambutan, lychee and star fruit.

Which Of These Authentic Food Dishes Would You Love To Try?

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