Fun Examples Of Cat Beds And Logic

Cats spend an average of 16 hours a day sleeping, and nothing happens, they choose it that way. The strange thing is that they do it in the most unexpected places, such as terrariums, vases, clotheslines, trees, your bed, the dog’s bed … the list does not end. And we have already documented this phenomenon before.

At this point, I think we can ensure that cats sleep anywhere except their perfect, new, comfortable, and pretty beds. Does that mean you’ve wasted your money? Well, a little, really, yes. But better to understand cat logic now than never to do it, so don’t miss this list of cats that sleep anywhere less where they should.

1- Using the dollhouse bed

2- He took my bed off 🙁

3- Kittens in a cup holder

“Cats tend to sleep for short periods during the day and at night, unlike humans. They like to conserve energy for when they need it most: hunting,” says Mikel Delgado, of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

4- We bought him a new bed, but a paper towel has fallen on the floor, so it doesn’t matter anymore

5- Buy him a bed, they said

6- It has 3 beds

“Providing your cat with a window seat, food puzzles, cat herbs, and safe toys to play with alone will keep him more active when you are away.”

7- He has the wrong bed, I think!

8- I planted this herb for the cat to eat, but he prefer to use as a bed

9- 10 minutes looking for him and he’s asleep in the pan on top of the fridge

“They are more flexible than us, so they fit in places that don’t seem comfortable to us. This gives them a sense of security and the ability to see what’s going on around them.”

10- I’ve thrown away the money

11- My boyfriend took 3 months to build this heated cat house. Has not stepped on it

12- He likes to sleep on my pants. We changed the pants and put a bed where they were. so this happened

13- He doesn’t understand how the bed works

14- 5 beds and 10 chairs around the house, and sits on the eggs

15- Cat Logic

16- I bought him a new bed, but I found him asleep like that

17- He’s lying on the sandpaper. Your sofa is right there

18- Money wasted

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