Fun Examples Of Cat Beds And Logic

Cats are funny little creatures they keep us entertained when they are awake and can even make us laugh when they sleep.

These funny fur balls seem to like sleeping in the most strangest of places and strangest positions. You could buy them the most fanciest and comfortable bed but they will always choose to take a nap somewhere else that you would never except.

So take a loo at these hilarious pictures of cats choosing to sleep in the most ridiculous of places.

1- Using the dollhouse bed

Image by Cheezburger

Well at least it looks comfy, maybe this cat thinks it’s his little home of his own.

2- He took my bed off 🙁

Image by Boredpanda

I am sure both of these fury pets could squeeze there.

3- Kittens in a cup holder, why not?

Image by Boredpanda

Kittens to go please.

Cats tend to sleep for short periods during the day and at night, unlike humans. They like to conserve energy for when they need it most: hunting.

4- We bought him a new bed, but our cat still prefers a paper towel to sleep on

Image by Boredpanda

Isn’t it funny how cats like to sleep on the most strangest of objects.

5- Comfy Bed Or Paper Bag, What Do Your Think Our Cat prefers?

Image by Boredpanda

Obviously the paper bag, what else would you expect from a cat.

6- Well This looks A Comfy Place For A Nap

Image by Boredpanda

Providing your cat with a window seat, food puzzles, cat herbs, and safe toys to play with alone will keep him more active when you are away.

7- How Did He Get In There?

Image by Boredpanda

Doesn’t matter, at least he is comfortable.

8- I planted this herb for the cat to eat, but he prefer to use as a bed

Image by Boredpanda

Is this cat nip or cat nap?

9- What Better Place To Sleep Than A Wok

Image by Boredpanda

“They are more flexible than us, so they fit in places that don’t seem comfortable to us. This gives them a sense of security and the ability to see what’s going on around them.”

10- I’ve thrown away the money

Image by Boredpanda

My cat followed me up a ladder once, he wouldn’t move s I could get back down. Bloody cats!

11- My boyfriend took 3 months to build this cat home with heating. He Has never used it

Image by Boredpanda

He doesn’t look very happy about his new house. LOl

12- He likes to sleep on my pants. We changed the pants and put a bed where they were. so this happened

Image by Boredpanda

Typical cat, you can’t make them do anything.

13- He doesn’t understand how the bed works

Image by Boredpanda

Most cats don’t, except for the owner’s bed. That, they know exactly how to use.

14- This cat Thinks It’s a Chicken

Image by Boredpanda

Just hope he doesn’t extend his claws or it could end very messy.

15- Cat Logic

Image by Boredpanda

Is there actually any point buying cat toys and cat beds?

16- I bought him a new bed, but I found him sleeping in the sofa

Image by Boredpanda

To get this comfy takes a lot of work.

17- He’s lying on the sandpaper. Your sofa is right there

Image by Boredpanda

Cat couch, looks more like a cat scratching post.

18- Money wasted

Image by Boredpanda

And as a cat owner they were expecting something different?

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