15 Funny Animal Photos Showing If They Fit, They Sit

Rest may be the most importance thing for some animals but these fifteen funny animal photos show that when it’s nap time if they fit they sit.

The following pictures show several pets that have chosen the most unlikely places for resting.

1. Fox On The Pot

There goes next year’s strawberries.

2. Just Draining The Cat Off

Not sure I want to use that strainer ever again.

3. I Am Sure I Can Squeeze In Here

A little bit more and you’ll be able to put the lid on.

4. Is The Dog Asking For A Wash?

That can’t be comfortable balancing like that.

5. I Think This Koala Wants A Hug

Who wants to give him one?

6. Is This A 3D Printer?

Because it`s just printed out a cat.

7. This Owl Has Found The Perfect Hole

And there is no hooting hell anybody is gonna move him now.

8. This Is A Very Strange Looking Guitar

Maybe he is hinting to stroke his chords.

9. My Tail Is Not A Seat!

Move before I turn you into lunch.

10. It`s Like It Is Made To Measure

Now stop horsing around and get out.

11. Cat In The Hole.

Another perfect resting spot for a little kitty.

12. How About A Glass Of Bird?

Would have loved to see if he managed to get back out.

13. I Regret Climbing Up Here

Even though it seemed like a good idea at the time.

14. It Appears That All Cats Love Cardboard Boxes

No matter what their size or breed.

15. Some Dogs Have A Hard Life

Just a nap until mommy finishes shopping.

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