Funny Guy Photoshops Celebrity Pictures And Results Are Hilarious

Meet Rob who is so obsessed with celebrities that he photoshops himself into pictures with them. He skills are so good the pictures look genuine and hilarious.

Rob is an average guy from Belgium who would love to hang out with famous celebrities but the only way he could make his dream come true was to fake it. So with some photoshop skills Rob went about modifying a few celeb pictures to show off to the world that he mingles with the rich and famous.

He added his pictures to Instagram and what happened blew his mind away. People loved his pictures and they went viral all over the globe. Millions of people online have shared his creative shots. Take a look below and see what the fuss is all about.

1. Taking A Ride With Brad Pitt And Angelina

Image Source – Digitalsynopsis

What no helmets! He looks so snug and happy squashed in between the celebrity couple.

2. Sharing A Loving Moment With David Beckham

Image Source – Mensxp

Wonder what Victoria has to say about this.

3. First Date With Taylor Swift Is A Bore

Image Source – Pinterest

Maybe because she is too busy listening to music on her iPhone. What a fun date that turned out to be.

4. It’s A Sleep Over At Ryan Reynolds Place

Image Source – Boredpanda

Just as long as you let him play with your teddy bear. Not sure I like the knee patches on Ryan’s jeans.

5. Is This The Biggest Towel You have?

We came out of the water Justin time. Any idea where this might be?

6. Trading Places

Image Source – Boredpanda

Chilling out with Kayne West in his crib.

7. Having A Dip With Katy Perry

Image Source – Boredpanda

Is the water Hot n Cold? Great photo shop but he looks like a Hobbit next to Katy Perry, lol.

8. On The Beach With Margot Robbie

Image Source – Fabdreem

And they call that puppy love. Most guys would love to spend the day at the beach with margot, what a lucky guy.

9. Photo Shoots With Selena Gomez Can Be So Boring

Image Source – Fabdreem

But I am sure she is worth it.

10. Shocking Conversation With Van Damme And Arnie

Image Source – Okchicas

Wonder what they could be talking about. Is it me or does Arnie look like he has three hands?

11. Best Friends With Dwayne Johnson

Did they really send this all their friends and family and why is he holding a musical recorder?

12. Another Touching Moment With David Beckham

Image Source – Boredpanda

Is there something going on between these two?

5 Facts about photoshop

1. Photoshop was born thanks to procrastination. This was confessed by its creator, Thomas Knoll, this week in an AMA on Reddit when asked where the inspiration came from. “I was working on my doctorate,” he explained, “and I got to the point where I had to write the thesis.” Many PhD students will feel somewhat identified: “I hated doing that… so I wrote Photoshop instead”. And no, he never finished the thesis.

2. It was going to be called ImagePro. Photoshop was not for nothing the first name that the program had. The first version the Knoll brothers worked on was called “Display”, a name they changed to ImagePro when they started adding image manipulation tools to the program. Due to brand problems (a registered ImagePro already existed) they had to change their name to… PhotoLab. But it also existed! Photoshop was the next name, and the final one.

3. It could have been from Nikon. Indeed, we could be talking about Nikon Photoshop if the Japanese firm had known how to see the opportunity when in 1988, at the MacWorld fair, the Knoll brothers contacted them and made them a demo of the program. They were offered the rights to the program. Nikon’s teams in the US and Europe saw the potential and were very excited, but eventually bosses in Japan rejected the idea, as Nikon was not a software company and didn’t have to be. Kodak also refused to buy them. In the end it was Adobe who stayed with them in September 1988.

4. The first photoshopped image in history: a vacation photo. Who has never photoshopped a vacation photo to make it a little more interesting? It almost seems like that was the fate of Photoshop. After all, the first photo he played with on his Thomas Knoll show was one of his current girlfriend on a beach in Bora Bora.

5. The original Photoshop already had control of levels, balance, brightness, saturation and the possibility of selecting only some parts of the image. It would be easy to think that the Photoshop of 1990 was very different and much more basic than the current one, and indeed it was. However, many of its basic tools and those most used by ordinary users, such as levels, the possibility of cropping images, or retouching brightness, saturation and balance, already existed in that first version.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these hilarious celebrity photos. If you did then why not share with your friends and help give them a laugh today too.