Gap Outlet: See 500 new job openings

Gap Outlet, a clothing company that operates in Brazil, announced new job openings in different areas of knowledge and intends to hire several employees.

Do you want to be one of those hired?

Well, job opportunities have become increasingly vast, so it is necessary that you take advantage when you find a chance, especially coming from a renowned and sought after store.

Gap Outlet is known for its quality in products and the appreciation it values ​​its employees, it is a pleasant and respectful work environment.

With this in mind, I bring even better news, most vacancies do not require any type of experience, which increases your chances as a candidate.

However, how to apply for a vacancy?

Vacancies are available and the Selection Process is open, but for you to be able to access them, it is necessary that you continue reading this article, in order to access all the information.

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See the Gap Outlet vacancies below:

VACATIONS (1 sector)

In these sectors, no experience is required.

  1. Salesman

Function: Sell and offer the company’s products to customers.

2. Receptionist

Function: Welcome and convey confidence to consumers.

3. Clerk

Function: Gift wrapping and answering phone calls

4. Consumer attendant

Function: Receive customer complaints and try to mediate the situation in the best way.

5. Stockist

Function: Responsible for organizing inventory and counting products.


  • Complete high school
  • Good communication
  • Serving the public well
  • Time availability
  • Be proactive
  • Be dynamic
  • Agility
  • Desire to learn
  • Enjoying the commercial service
  • Over 18 years old

VACATIONS (2 sector)

In these sectors, experience is required.

  1. Box

Function: Charge and receive all products purchased by customers in the store.

2. Administrative Assistant

Function: Organize the company’s purchases, meetings and bureaucracies.

3. Financial assistant

Function: Count sales on the day and check the total received.

4. IT technician

Function: Fix the store’s computer system.

5. Accounting analyst

Function: Make the accounts for the month and analyze if the goals were achieved.


  • Complete high school
  • Studying higher education
  • Good communication
  • Time availability
  • Over 19 years old
  • Accounting experience
  • Administrative experience
  • Know the basics of computing
  • Experience with business management

Gap Outlet Benefits

Food voucher
Transportation vouchers
Medical insurance
Discount at stores
Life insurance
Family assistance

A little more about the Gap Outlet

What does the Gap Outlet do?

Gap Outlet is a company operating in the fashion area, that is, in the marketing and sales of clothing.

Its origins go back a long time, being a company recognized and adored around the world.

However, what would be the objective of the Gap?

Its main objective, since the creation of its name, is to grow and expand people’s knowledge about the company.

In addition, make everyone know and admire the work done by the brand, resulting in a lot of disclosure and desires about its products.

In short, the Gap has the intention of always growing, and it opened new job openings, to give opportunities to new people and make them grow too.

Is working at the Gap a good alternative?

It is normal that when faced with a new job, we have the doubt whether it will be good for our life or not, since it is something new, and usually the new scares us.

But should you have that feeling about the Gap?

I guarantee you not, because by joining this company, you will not only be getting a new job, but benefiting your life in a positive way, as you will have a great deal of learning experience.

Because, Gap is a brand that offers great learning content and teaching to its employees, thus preparing great professionals for the future.

You should rather risk the vacancies and hope that one of them is yours, for all the personal and professional knowledge that you will bring to your life.

Gap Inscription:

Gap has its Selection Process, through stages, namely:

  1. Go to

2. Fill in your application, with all the required data.

3. Wait for the analysis of your profile and confirmation of the vacancy.

4. Confirmation arrives via registered email.

5. If confirmed, just wait for the interview and hope to be approved.

Good luck!

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